Why I hate yoyos.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

I absolutely hate yoyos.
From day one, they have caused me stress and pain.

Iv’e been hit hard in the head, Ive hit myself in the tooth, Ive had yoyo string rip through my skin and cause bleeding, Iv’e had yoyo’s break things, Iv’e had yoyos break things of others, Iv’e had yoyos hit others and severely hurt them, Iv’e had yoyo’s cause me more stress than I needed, Iv’e had the yoyo community put me into an all time low, Iv’e had the yoyo community nearly drive me to suicide, Iv’e had the yoyo community put me in a place I never want to go to again, I want yoyoing to die, and never live again, I want to kill yoyoing, I yoyoing to suffer every single thing that it has ever done to me and more, I want to see yoyoing cry in pain, suffering in the deepest and darkest abyss of failure and misery possible in existence. I hate yoyoing, and I hate yoyos.

I love yoyo’s
From day one , they have brought me joy and freedom.
Iv’e learned many tricks, and accomplished many goals, and from these, I felt feelings of success I had never felt before, I’ve made many friends, Iv’e connected to my spiritual side, Iv’e connected with nature and the forces of the earth, Iv’e made money, Iv’e had the yoyo community raise me up in times when I was down, Iv’e seen good examples that made me want to be a better person, Iv’e had friends in the yoyo community take me out of a place where taking my own life seemed like an option, I want to give back to yoyoing, I want to give back what yoyoing has given me and more, I want to see yoyoing rise up and continue on to be a successful and positive thing for the world. I love yoyoing, and I love yoyos.

I hate yoyos, and I hate yoyoing.
I love yoyos, and I love yoyoing.

Yoyo’s have done a lot to me. And it will do many thing’s to you.

Choose your focus carefully.




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I feel like this sums up any response possible lol.

ps, no offense to you Haru, and I really like your musings most of the time, they always remind me of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.


I believe this may be one of your best and most insightful posts ever, Haru.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

This works well, thank ya hun! ^ ^


I know how it feels to be harassed in the yoyo community.

Just makes me give back harder. Suckas.


This is one of the best (and most confusing) things I’ve read in a while. I love your posts. They bring so much more meaning to yoyoing to me. You show how passionate we are about the hobby, how much we sacrifice for this “kids toy”. The only thing I’ve read better is the poem you submitted to that contest recently. That made me bubble up inside. I don’t know what it is, but keep doing it. Keep posting, Haru.


Haru can get quite a lot of hate. Theyre just butt hurt that their posts can never be as good.


I thought this was going to be a hate rant or something hahaha.


:frowning: ;D :’(


I was confuzzled for a sec there.

(Owen) #12

Oh yoyos, the greatest love-hate relationship there is.


My heart loves them, my wallet hates them.


he gone