Why I hate USPS

does it really take more than 5 days for something 200 miles away to reach you? hopefully itll be here tomorrow

I hate them just because if a package gets lost in the mail, you’ll just have to deal with it and plus long shipping as well…

ooh, and the best part, massachusetts is farther away from me than titusville is. and titusville takes longer.

USPS isn’t without faults but really if you pay for standard shipping that’s what you can expect. If you want it fast you have to pay for it.

If you pay for faster shipping and it takes 5 days then you have something to complain about.

Hate is so easy but just a waste of energy!

Really? I always get mine in 2-3 days.

yeah, that’s weird. I order mine usps first class (the $3 shipping option) and it comes in 2-3 days.

Same…don’t knock the PO man….it’s filled with vets….guy with chunk of shrap metal in their heads….and civil service is the last bastion in the country….where the tired masses can maybe… reach the America dream….

I’ve had a USPS Priority package take a week before. Only thing tracking said was your package is being processed in the facility or something along those lines. It wasn’t a holiday or anything, just slow service.

However, I usually receive my stuff 2-3 days.

USPS is the only postal service that I trust.
I get my packages here in AK in like 4-5 days
one time it took 8, big whoop

I’ve had good luck with the usps!

I live in Alberta, Canada.

It takes over a week from anywhere, except from the spyy and clyw website.

Suck it up.

YAY its been a full week! and its still not here! woo hoo!

I like them myself. I ordered a yoyo from japan and it got here in 3 days using ups. Some people will hate them and some will love them.

UPS can be annoyying and really awesome at the same time. If they have heavy shipping going on right then. Or something breaks down on one of the vehicles they use to transport packages/items, it could take awhile… :confused:

oh kids and their constant need for instant gratification. It seems like no one has any patience anymore.

its not the need of instant gratification. i just want to know it hasnt been lost or stolen.

What yoyo did you order?

icthus was sending me some stuff. here we are, 8 days later. 200 miles, still not covered :confused: