Why don't we rent out yoyos???

It would be the perfect way to try out yoyos before you bought them!

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It took me a minute, you meant “rent out yoyos” right?

Just how do you suppose we do this? Where is this yoyo rental place to be located?
Someone sends you a PM and says I’ll send you $?? if you’ll send me back your Artic Circle for a week?

I don’t understand how one “rents out” yoyos. The logistics of such an operation seem unmanageable to me.

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Sounds like a recipe for disaster. It would probably be okay if padded envelopes didn’t exist.

Yeah I’m sure some kid renting a 100 dollar metal throw would keep it mint for the week/month he had it before it went to the next person.

No. Absolutely not.

I’m negative on rental. I had a guy rent gear from me, and the guy destroyed the gear. The rental agreement included paying for repairs if necessary, and replacement as well. Guy screwed me. Wasn’t chump change either, but $50K in gear. Audio is a nasty world. I treat rental gear better than my own gear because it’s not mine. Too many people have the “beat it up because it’s not mine” mentality.

Onto yoyos:

Rentals aren’t a great idea. I’d say that you’d have to put a deposit down that is equal to the value of the yoyo(or more, or whatever is agreed upon). Once returned, if not in the exact same condition, you can expect to be either charged the full amount and have it sent back to you(you own it) or penalties assessed and you are out the rental plus any damage fees. Yoyo rentals also assume a lot of trust, assuming that a certain minimal ability and skill level exists. Once that yoyo leaves the place that does the rental, what’s to prevent the renter from getting it and slamming it into the ground, even by accident. The rentee(the one doing the renting) assumes a lot of risk.

Here’s how I’d rather see it done:

Yoyo meets, clubs and contests. Seriously, you need to see if any of those exist around you. If there are, there should be people with stuff you don’t have and even better, stuff you want to try. This way you can try stuff before you buy.

Many people here have had a shot at stuff in my cases. iyoyo58 comes to mind, and theroybit knows he can go through the cases at any time(and he does!!) I go to YoLex meets and people try stuff in my cases all the time. I had my yoyos at CalStates and BAC and people tried all sorts of stuff they’d normally never get to touch, mostly because some fool(me) decided I wanted it and spent the money and chose to stick it in my cases and share them.

I do strongly advocate “try before you buy”. Some of this stuff is just too darn expensive. The prices for a lot of stuff is so high that is just doesn’t make logical sense for people to just blindly buy it. Yet, many of us do this. I do this. Nearly everything in my collection has been bought without me having played one before, and this isn’t just with “new/latest” models either, but established stuff too.

Simply put, I’m done with renting stuff out. I get screwed every single time.

I also don’t see YYE try this either. It’s too much risk. Plus, who pays shipping? One way? Both ways? What’s the rental fee? 15% of the yoyo value for a week? What’s the security deposit(which often exceeds the price of the item)? This deposit would have to be via credit card. Rental agreements are contracts, so you’d have to have someone 18 or older to be able to sign for it. How are penalties assessed? Is there an appeals process or are all decisions final by YYE?? All rentals would have to be domestic

The idea is neat, but I don’t think too many people would go for it. I certainly wouldn’t rent my yoyos out.

Find meets. Get out, meet other throwers, try stuff. If you live near the Sacramento, California area or can get there, you are welcome to try my stuff out.


It is very fun to "rent " or try throws with friends. But what if I say “hey mordo, can I try your chief!?” and I never send it back? Well that would suck. At a club or a meet, that won’t happen.

Lol. That’s what you think. Yoyos get jacked all the time. Heck, Boyd’s green Peak went missing at a contest, Mark Montgomery got four or five DV8s stolen from behind a Booth at a contest. It definitely happens.

yup i agree i would hate to send somone a throw and then never get it back

they do it with tennis rackets… but yoyos are easy to break and steal so no.

I’m just gonna get one of those food trucks and load it down with yoyos and accessories and drive around the country selling yoyos and holding comps and parties out the back.

This has been suggested before on at least 1 occasion that I’ve seen either here or on YYN back in the day. Ok idea but I don’t see how it could ever be executed. It’s not even a “1 rotten apple ruins the whole bunch” kind of thing as much as it’s a “stuff happens” kind of thing. There would probably be a lot more accidental (possibly significant) damage to yoyos than actual theft and having some sort of equity insurance on a yoyo based on condition when rented to condition when returned is totally unrealistic.

I think the best system to approach this sort of idea is really just the bst. I never sell/trade anything but I’m sure there are a number of people who don’t spend much on new yoyos since they’re able to sell/trade what they have for other things they would like to try.

Yea, they do it with tennis racquets, and Ive rented put a few racquets in my short career and it works out fine every time. If they can do it, I think yye can do it too. Maybe there should be a certain amount of feedback required or something though. Yes, I know it’s 2 different things buying and loaning, but it’s something. 30-50 seems like a good feedback requirement.

I’m 99% sure it is not worth it for Andre to do this.

This might work. But the general census is that people want to rent out MINT yoyos. Why is it that people want to rent out MINT yoyos? Even the tennis rackets that are getting rented out aren’t mint, and they cost about the same or more than most yoyos. Andre could pick up a bunch of beat or B-grade yoyos, with no vibe, and rent those out. The reason why you would want to rent a yoyo is to test out how it plays, not to just look at it. Yye has a bunch of yoyos to look at on their online store. If Andre doesn’t want to do this I’m sure a member somewhere might want to. If someone decides to keep a beat or b-grade yoyo the owner would only be out at most $50, but the renter would have to put down a deposit equal to the value of the yoyo. Shipping will be covered by the owner using which ever method they choose, though I would recommend first class with tracking to keep costs low. This of course isn’t completely void of errors and if you could point some out that would be great.

And that’s exactly why I don’t think this is a good idea.

You can send out a fully working yoyo, and then either not get it back, or else get it back in not the same condition. People are notorious for abusing rental gear. The mindset is “ain’t mine, beat it up and return it”.

I say if someone wants to do it, then fine. Their risk.

I was asked this week to send out a yoyo for someone to try. I turned down the request. I get too much stuff stolen, damaged and abused. Even at meets I hold, inconsiderate kids go abusing my yoyos but apparently “it’s OK, it’s not theirs so not their problem”.

My suggestion:
Get one’s self out to where the throwers are: meets, contests and things of that nature.

But they’ll be charged for stolen or damaged yoyos, it’ll be in the agreement that no one ever reads and can be referenced in cases that you described. It’s just like renting the rackets, and video games. If they don’t return the item, charge them and use that money to buy more items to rent out.

I’ve borrowed stuff from my friends and other people and I’ve always treated their stuff better than mine. I treat their stuff better than my own simply because I know that if I damage or break their stuff I’ll never be trusted with any of their stuff. Seems like you had to deal with a lot of people with the wrong mind set. I did a temp trade with someone and it went completely fine. I have very little feedback and I’m not very well known, but I’ve done deals with respected people on yye and that swayed some people’s opinion on closing a deal with me.

i agree with studio here. some people don’t understand if it isn’t your treat it very nicely. just except with sound equipment my high school would rent lighting equipment. Again you treat it incredibly well cause then it comes out of your pocket if you break it. And with stage lighting that stuff isn’t cheap either. So i wouldn’t rent out a yoyo, or do a temp trade. they are a good idea but there isn’t a good way to execute them.

Case and point since you brought up audio gear:

Did a rental. I got it back with over $80K in damages. No point in suing people with no money. And my insurance said “OH, you have a claim… oh, it doesn’t cover that. Oh, and you’re cancelled, we found out your business is too high risk”.

As a result: No rentals, no exceptions.


As much as I would love to see something like this happen, it’s just far too much of a logistical nightmare unless run inside an absolutely ideal universe (hint: no such place exists). As Studio and others have mentioned, I find the lack of respect so many people have for rental items to be disappointing.

In regards to the tennis racquet rentals, those transactions do tend to occur over a counter at a pro shop rather than via post. They also typically keep credit card details to cover any costs should the racquets be returned damaged or not at all.