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Have you ever wanted a throw that you can do ANYTHING with. A yoyo that you really did not care about that you could mess around with and not be afraid to ding it. A yoyo that you could teach a friend how to bind with. Ever had a new idea for annodizing, satining, or mirror polish that you would like to try out but don’t have a tester yoyo to try it with.

So I had an idea. I have a really beat dv888 that I have no use for at the moment. It is super dinged up and I really don’t care about it. So I was thinking that I could kind of “rent” it to people for a month. I will charge 5$+5$ shipping for one month rent or 10$+5$ shipping fee for 2 month rent.

RULES: what you can and cannot do


  1. You are not allowed to make the yoyo have wobble
  2. You are not allowed to lose the yoyo
  3. You are not allowed to harm the axle/bearing
  4. You are not allowed to keep the yoyo more then the designated time

If you are questioning whether or not you can do something please message me.

Pretty much when it comes back to me it should still be able to work



  1. You can ding the yoyo as MUCH as you want. Vibe is OK just no serious wobble
  2. See how far you can throw a yoyo over cement
  3. Roll the yoyo down a hill
  4. Eli hop into the ground or another yoyo
  5. Try any new annodizing, polishing, satining or any type of mod in general.( please message me before doing the mod and give me info about what you are going to do to it)
    6.Teach a friend how to yoyo
  6. Anything else you can think of]

If you want you can video tape yourself doing stuff with it and post it on YouTube And I will pos it on the this thread if you send me a link. I thinkit would be pretty cool to see All the different stuff people dO with it.

I will ship with tracking and I expect you to do the same. Message me if you are interested.

I am in France at the moment on vacation so I will not be able to ship intill aguast 15


$1115 for the chief :stuck_out_tongue: but you got some cool stuff

i have a positron red marcus koh 2011 worlds edition but its damaged… dinged too but if u get a repair it plys just fine

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pls. post pics w/ your b/s/t - per forum rules.

also, pls. use PMs for all communique…




Since you asked for opinions, here’s mine. The rent is too darn high! Yes, I know it’s only $10 for a month. But then it’s also $5 to ship it back to you. So it’s $15 to have a beater yoyo for one month. I’ve bought a DV888 straight-up before for $25. And I could do whatever I wanted with it because it was mine, all mine.

If you are doing this to benefit the community, I think the rent should be a nominal $1. $6 for a month. Also, I don’t think you can really trust people to get it back to you on time so then institute a late fee of $5 a week up to $25 and then they get to keep it. Only issue with that is, probably someone would just end up paying the $25 and keeping it.

It’s an interesting idea, but I have some more suggestions. Make more then one yoyo available. Perhaps other people in the community can get in on this and we can make a list of rentable yoyos, perhaps more sought-after yoyos having a higher rental fee. To be honest, a DV888 isn’t the most desirable yoyo out there.

Also, I have to wonder how much beating one yoyo can take before it is utterly destroyed. It may not go as far as you’d hope. Plus severely beat yoyos start to get sharp edges, etc.

Anyway, good luck with this. The idea is decent but making it into a good, feasible reality may be harder than expected with less interest in it from the public then you’d hope for.


Get a Magic yoyo for under $20 and beat the crap out of it to your heart’s content. Depending on the model: Perhaps under $10. I got a T6 for under $10, however I intend to keep it as nice as possible, as I do with all my yoyos.

You can get it retooled when it has the crap beat out of it

I like all you ideas!! The only problem with having nicer yoyos is tristin whoever you send it too. Right now I only have the dv888 as a beater yoyo. The problem with charging 1$ is then I wouldn’t be making any money. Shipping is usIally 5-7 dollars. If you are a moddeer i would love this to be a tester yoyo for any of their ideas.I agree this idea does need to be added to so keep making comments on how to make it better. Thanks for all the input! Keep it coming

i’m sorry…this is the buy, sell, trade forum. not buy, sell, rent. pls. use PM for your offer.



light rain…

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