Why doesn't yyf have a offstring player/3a player?

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And what about Patrick, USA 3A champion?


oh I have never heard of Patrick but does yyf have offstring players

Kevin Nicholas has competed in 4A a few times.

I think YYF just leaves 4A to the other companies like YYJ who thrive in that area. They can’t win EVERYTHING. :wink:

As for 3A, Patrick Borgerding is the best of the best. He kills in 3A.

clears throat HANK FREEMAN cough HANK FREEMAN


YYF doesn’t currently make any offstring throws. They used to make the YYF Offstring, but it was fairly limited. (correct me if I’m wrong)

yes hank Freeman’s 3a is boss

They made one at one time:

YoYoFactory FlyMaster

I believe there were a couple of others as well.

clears throat HANK FREEMAN cough HANK FREEMAN
Hank Freeman was the first modern yoyo video I watched. I saw it and said, “As far as I know, most of that was impossible.”

3a, we got covered.

4a… We don’t have much love for it. Tbh we haven’t played with a 4a yoyo from any brand that didn’t break. The worse you play the more it breaks. We don’t wanna be in that game. plus I’ve said it before yyj make a good line at really really good prices. It doesn’t make it attractive for us to compete and the market isn’t that big in the end.

That being said we do have ideas… And maybe one day we will either find the market different or forget why we don’t do it already :slight_smile: