Will yoyofactory make an offstring yoyo?


I want yyf to make an offstring yoyo. Do you guys think it will happen, and if it will, what will it look/play like?

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Why should they invest in a dead division?

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Plus, there are all of the inherent customer service issues that come with it. Offstring yoyos are going to break. And yet, no matter how obvious that is, you still end up fielding a ton of “my yoyo broke send me another one” emails from kids who don’t understand that offstring yoyos are a perishable good.

So…low sales, low interest, high tooling cost, and high customer service cost = meh.


I have also seen YoyoFactory comment on the ask.fm, that there are already a variety of good offstring yo-yos available on the market. It makes sense that they see no need to enter that market, in an area that will offer them very little return, especially when the stuff on the market is “good enough.”

I can just imagine the youngins emailing YoyoFactory because they dropped and broke their offstring yo-yo. :smiley: I see how many pros drop those things on stage. :-\ It is smart on their part to say, “no thanks.”

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I totally agree with Steve and TA, but I do want to clarify something. If you treat an offstring yoyo well, it won’t break. Play over rug, don’t play near cement. That will keep your yoyo good for life. If you’re okay with replacing it, you can be more lenient.

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Most beginners wont be so careful.

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Fixed that for ya. :wink:

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well, you could say the same thing about 1a yoyos. But yes, eventually it’ll break.

I know. I’m not really disagreeing with anybody, I’m just making it clear that offstring yoyos can last a few years with proper care.


and this is why when I attempted offstring my mom kicked me out of the house to do it.


They tried, it sucked, so they gave up.


Me too. Now I’m better, and she doesn’t really care.


Wasn’t it super weird, though?

Like you could take the Pocket Change yoyo… and put it INSIDE their offstring yoyo.

It was bizarre.

Too many parts going on for me, haha.


That’s it. If those things hit the ground wrong they’d explode.

I don’t recall if the Offstring was its own yoyo or if you just put the big wings on the Pocket Change hubs. I want to say both were available.
In whichever case, the yoyo sucked and all Ben had to say about it was “making 4a yoyos is hard” . Haha, that was the first and last of their offstring exploits.


“dead division”
Yoyoing is small to begin with.
If you’re saying 4A is a dead division, that basically means 1A is the only division alive O_o
All the other divisions are just about as dead as 4A except 1A




So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t make a yoyo unless it’s 1a, and even then, maybe don’t make one?


Is 5A dead? I suppose it is. I would blame Duncan for that, though.

So what’s the future for competition? 1A, Fixed axle, and Kendama? lol.