Why Does This Happen?

My offstring yoyo keeps snagging! I don’t know if it’s the string’s fault or the gap width or I’m just garbage. whenever I land on 2 or more strings it just flies away.

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What string/yo-yo are you using?

Idk what it’s called I bought it from offset yoyo. it is about 2mm thick.

Too thick string prob

what yoyo are you using?

the iYoyo/Yotricks SPiRE.

how are you throwing it?

The spire has a very small gap for grinds. It sounds like you’re using an extremely thick string, I would try and use smaller string

what do you mean?

I 4A you are normally not landing on more then one string. Not sure which trick you are trying which requires you to string layer in 4A?

Website says that the Spire has an adjustable gap. And yeah, gap looks setup small in the picture.

Did it come with a set of spacers?

you can adjust the gap with shims (sold separately) or use thinner strings, i only ever thrown a responsive yoyo trying out offstring, but seeing the set of tricks available for 4a, they’re very slack heavy and i recon you would want a thick string for that, just get shims

I am going to use a thinner string for this. will update when I figure something out!

Great tips from people on this thread! I agree that the thickness of the string and the thickness of the gap make a huge difference on how the yoyo responds and how likely it is to snag. The length of your string also plays a big part in this. Not sure how long your string is for 4a but try shortening your string. I measure from my throwhand extended until the beginning of my opposite shoulder. Essentially, it should probably be shorter than your 1a string unless you play 1a with super short string. When you put too much string in the gap, you run the risk of snags more frequently.

We’ve been discussing this and other ways to improve your offstring throws here! I created a video on it so hopefully this helps!