Offstring YoYo constantly snags?

Hey all, need some help here.

I’m getting back into trying Offstring in a more serious way. Grabbed the Anarchy from MOWL cause Mowl makes amazing stuff. I am able to nail a lot of the tricks was I was able to a few years back but the main issue preventing me from really getting some practice in are the CONSTANT snags. I slapped the widest spacers in there and really like how it feels when I do get a good bind and throw, but I still get snags 4/5 throws. Takes a long time to safety throw it out and I am getting tried of rewinding every other throw.

Is there something obvious that I am missing? Does my bind just need work? Is there a good tip out there that helps with these binds?

Also looking for general tips for upping my offstring game. Are thicker stings better or thin strings? Preferences? Anything will be appreciated :slight_smile:


I had the same problem for a while starting out, so I know how frustrating it can be! I think some offstring yoyos are more susceptible to snags (i.e. the flight and the flawless of the ones I’ve tried), but the problem might be with how you bind. When you pinch the end of the string and roll the yoyo into it, does the string wrap multiple times around the axle before the yoyo responds? If you pinch too far away from the end of the string during the bind, it’s possible that there’s too much loose string left over once the yoyo catches the response system. If that happens, the leftover slack wraps around the axle in the opposite direction from the rest of the string, jamming up future throws. I’m not sure if this is the problem, but it might be something to consider. The solution, if I am right about the problem, is to send less string into the axle by pinching further down the string when binding and making sure the yoyo is as close to your non-throw hand as possible when you send the slack into the axle. I’m guessing that if you send just enough string into the axle to catch the response system and nothing more, the yoyo will snag less.

I prefer thick strings, because I absolutely LOVE stop-n-go tricks and slack bind/regen combos. I think thicker strings lead to tighter binds, but they’ll snag more. I guess it depends on what kind of tricks you’re doing.

I hope this helps. If not, I apologize for the wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what do you think of the Anarchy? I don’t think I’ve ever tried an offstring yoyo that’s that organic.


This helps for sure! I had a strong feeling that my bind is just sloppy. Kittystring Fat feels really nice right now, so I should spend a whole day or two just working on my bind. I’m going to try and make sure I don’t put too much slack in the gap. (I did try kitty 1.5 for a hot second and it felt nice but you are absolutely right that thicker strings help with regens and slack binds.)

I do really like the Anarchy! I was shopping around a little bit before I decided to snag one, and the profile reminds me of some older offstring yoyos like the big yo and fiesta xx which is what I originally used. I have never used a YYF flight but visually they have similar profiles. Mostly I love the material that the Anarchy has. Really durable poly carbonate. It has machine lines that are nice and grindable. And the spacers make it very versatile. For instance, if I wanted to use the 1.5 string more, I could slap the medium width spacers in and probably still be able to land slack binds no problem. I settled on the anarchy cause if a two time 4a world champ designed an offstring, its probably pretty decent. Eiji makes really top of the line quality throws.

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