Binding with off string help

like the title says. i’m having trouble cuz it’s not catching it. help!!!

Cross your hands farther.

Try using more string in your off hand… Becareful, too much will make it knot up

First of all, which yo-yo are you using for offstring? Sometimes, you’ll need to wrap the string around the axle once before actually binding the yo-yo.

i don’t have many yoyo’s and am just a beginner so i have my velocity and am using my brother’s Journey for Offstring

Make sure it’s fully tightened. Also, you might need to hold some extra string in your nonthrowhand, like the other people have said.

cross ur hand farther and faster

Like what Brian said, tighten the gap. And try wrapping the string around the axle once or twice before binding. You can see Taiki Nishimura double binding in the 2006 World Yo-Yo Contest in this video:

Also, remember to pull up with your throwhand while you feed the string into the gap. So you’ll be pulling up, while crossing your hands. That’ll force string into the gap, binding it.

if you google like offstring yoyo a link will come up for team offstring (some japanese team)
and they have a bunch of tuts and there is this one thing called magic return it returns the yoyo and is easier then the normal bind so check it out

Please check the date of the last post before you post. This was over 2 months old, and the information you gave was already there. Thanks.

try doing sun then binding

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It could help others with their troubles on offstring binding but it’s a pretty old post. please don’t bring it up again