Offstring Binding

I can’t seem to bind my big yo back when I do off string, any tips would be helpful. Or which strings do I need.

well all you have to do is do a regular bind but try to bind with more pressure and not have the string so close to the yoyo

All you have to do is take the string in your non-throwhand and thread it down into the gap, and lightly pull up with your throwhand. It is almost the exact same as regular binding.

Strings won’t make too much of a difference for a beginner.


  1. Make sure your gap is tightened.

  2. Make sure your string is relatively new.

  3. Do it slowly

  4. Watch some vids and break it down.

  5. Don’t release the freehand string too early.

  6. Practice

  7. Have fun and don’t get discouraged :slight_smile:

i got the yoyo yesterday so the string is new to. are you able to but a extra rap round the yoyo when you bind like you would if your yoyo was really unresponsive.


That’s what I would do. I started with an Aquarius and now I have a Big Yo and I’ve also noticed it’s a bit hard to bind. Try to swing it up a little bit and push the string down as you let go.

so basically, I can put an extra rap round and then bind or swing the yoyo up a little and push the string into the gap more.

Yeah, the extra wrap will definitely work, but it might create a little bit of knotting.

can that knot just be thrown out but just have to be really careful not to hit myself in the face.

Yeah, it will most likely be able to be thrown out.

The only problem I have with that is that if I throw it up, I never know when it’s going to come off so I’m not ready to catch it. If I throw it down, then when it comes off it just rolls across the floor.