Offstring Bind issues

I just recently got my first offspring yoyo (Duncan Skyhawk) and I watched some of the yoyo expert videos and picked up the throw and catch pretty easily. My only problem is the yoyo won’t bind. It seems to be extremely unresponsive. When it does bind, (which is very rarely), I am left with at least two feet of unwound string dangling below the yoyo. Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Start with just holding it in a normal mount. Cross your hands and bring the yoyo up. Throw the unattached end under the yoyo so there will be a wrap around the bearing. The “throw” should be more like just bringing the yoyo above the unattached end.

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Best thing to do increase the amount of string you use to bind and bind with more force than you normally use also bear in mind that the skyhawk has a rather large gap for a offstring yoyo

my advice for beginners is don’t try to do a 1a bind. Swing the yoyo forward until its about shoulder height, then toss the offhand bit towards the ground and pull straight back hard. as Aman 9899 said, try using a bit more string.