Offstring loose end bind

I keep trying to do a loose end bind with my duncan skyhawk but it never works even when I hit the top of the string tips please

Don’t just let the yoyo fall when the string makes contact. Pull up after the yoyo falls down a foot or two.

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Agreed think of a 1a laceration bind story pulling up when you hit the string

Is it just this yoyo you’re having trouble with or is it just offstring binding in general?

What I found helpful for me when learning offstring binding was to cross the string I held in my NTH behind the yoyo with my TH above, then kind of swing the yoyo forward, pulling up with my TH and kind of pulling my NTH string down a bit but not to the point where it disrupts the yoyo’s swing… if you can get that down in one motion I think it works pretty well

Learning how to do this can be frustrating because it’s a balance of catching it, and not binding with too much string knotting up.

I’m still fairly a beginner at offstring myself though, so you may be able to get more expert advice elsewhere… then again this is what worked for me.