ahhhhhh i just tride offstring like 10 minuits ago and its awsome! i didnt think i’de like it but its really fun, even though i can only throw the yoyo and only catch it back on the string like half the time.
i need some help with binding though. i have to wrap the string aroune like twice and even that doesnt always work. can someone help me?


Use thick lube to make the yoyo responsive, or keep practicing to bind.

Happy Throwing! =]


Hey most people can’t even do that much!

What yoyo is it?


When I started learning offstring it helped to exaggerate the binding. Maybe a little more string than usual, or a harder tug… Hope this helps you!


What kind of yoyo are you using?

Anyway, you should use thick lube, and you should wrap to bind anyway. It will make your binds more secure and not slip.

Note that this 2006 world champion wraps before he binds.


i have throw monky. all i have with rubber rims. i have been yousing thick lube


that is honestly probubly my fav ofstring style i’ve ever seen… that deserves a thank you!!!


You shouldn’t have to wrap it first. Might need to work on your binding skills.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think thick lube will help for 4a.


I’m pretty sure you are right about that, Brian.

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I totally agree!! That was AWESOME!!! ;D

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If you’re using a Throw Monkey, then check your friction stickers. They might be worn out, which you don’t want when you’re starting 4a.