Need help. Offstring problems

I have a Fiesta XX and from time to time I decide to do 4A and every session that I have is a knot when I bind. When I try to do regens the first bind is fine but when I throw down for a brain twister mount it doesn’t come out. If I get lucky I’m able to do the first two parts but then when I try to throw it out again like normal it’s stuck. Most of the time It does not come out after 5 attempts and I have to take the knot out. It is so frustrating and makes me want to quit 4A. One of the response pads fell out today so I have to replace them. Sure I can handle missing a catch or a few knots here and there but when it’s 80% of the time then I feel like I can’t because the yoyo is inconsistent with binds. Is their something I’m doing completely wrong? I try not to over bind and still it knots or I miss the bind. When I throw down to a brain twister mount I get string burn on my non throw hand for holding the string. Am I grabbing the string too early and I have to let the yoyo fall for a few more seconds? What string length is recommended for offstring? I checked the stats for gap width on different 4A yoyos and this one that I have the Fiesta XX is the one with the biggest gap width.

Ok the first thing that may help deals with the yoyo itself as one who has moved om from the fiesta xx I can tell you that for a 4a yoyo the xx is really narrow with a wide gape that and comes with really grippy pads which makes the yoyo really hard to catch give it a lot of kick back and require you to throw so much string into the gap to bind it’s not even funny which brings me to my second point string older worn string is more likely to snag longer string may tempt you to shove more string into the gap during snags and binds which will cause knots also binding and snagging with to little and to much force will cause knots practice to find your balance and if your still having problems snags usually smooth out with practice thinner and thicker strings can help and try a flight or a skyhawk in my experience much less likely to snag or put a half spec bearing in the gap and try that

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I’m not meaning to be rude, but its really hard to read your post right when there is no comma’s or periods. You gave good advice, just hard to read.