4a problems

I have recently started 4a and my string seems to get caught in the gap of the yoyo a lot (resulting in smashed knuckles) , especially when i hand start it or try to bind when the yoyo is at a lower speed. Is there anyway to minimize the string catching. I am using the fiesta xx and cotton string. Thanks in advance.

Use polyester String?

I was having the same problem. Here’s how I solved it:

First, look at where you are holding the non-knotted end of the string when you’re planning to bind. Are you at or near the end? There’s your problem. You want to have a bit of string, say anywhere from 4-6 inches of string hanging out of your hand. WHen you throw the yoyo out and you release that string to do the bind, that loose portion will be better able to wrap around the bearing and bring it back.

When I do it this way, I can bind every single time. I have done this with 6 different off-strings including my preferred Fiesta XX. It also works with every string type I have, that being 100% cotton, Slick 6 and YYE 100% poly. Given a preference, I do prefer 100% poly. You don’t want a stiffer designer string UNLESS it’s been well broken in. It’s important that that “loose part” is able to whip around the bearing. I do find my results are a tiny bit better with 10)% polyester.

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