4A Binding Problem with YYO Gravity


Hi, I can do most of the basic 4A tricks like 1-handed bind, overwhip, underwhip, barrel rolls, etc., but I keep running into this seemingly random problem where I start the forward toss and the string just snags inside the yoyo. Then on closer inspection there’s never a knot, the string is just jammed in really tightly and won’t unwind properly, so I have to either pull really hard or just unscrew the yoyo.

So I’m wondering if this is a common problem in 4A or if it’s a problem with this specific yoyo. I run into this issue about every 10th throw, and the quality of the bind doesn’t seem to matter much. It’s random and very frustrating.

Except for this issue I really like the Gravity so I hope it’s not an issue with the yoyo as I’d rather not shell out $60 for another.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve tried multiple bearings and it doesn’t seem to make a difference in this regard (all concave though), and I’ve tried multiple string types but mostly use Kitty String Fat Polyester. When I was using thinner strings I was having problems with 1-handed binds. I think I still had the string-snag issue but can’t remember for sure. Are certain string types better for these yoyos?


It might help to try a thinner string
(Like candy wires)

I use far kitty for 1a but it snags just like you describing for 4a

Just try a few thin strings and see what works
(I use candy wire e type w/ my go big)


I do actually have some E-type Candy Wires. I tried Candy Wires a while back but stopped using them because I thought they were too short. For 4A I would think a long string is advantageous? Is that wrong?

Anyway I’ll give it a shot with the Candy Wires, thanks!


Yes. You’re giving the bind too much string.


Okay so I switched to the E-type candy wires, just finished practicing for about an hour and had ZERO snags ;D

Unfortunately binding was way harder. I’m not sure if this is due to the nature of thin string or if my timing is off due to being used to longer strings. I’m hoping it’s the latter, since that problem will go away with practice.

Still, I think I’ll stick with these Candy Wires for now.

That’s the nature of everything in yoyoing…want a snappy response? Use these soft response pads! (Oh, but they may cause you to bind unintentionally). Want a dead unresponsive yoyo? Use these extra hard pads! (Oh, but binding will be really hard). Same with strings. Similar issues with bearings. And the yoyo itself. Tradeoffs everywhere. Oh well…

Thanks again :slight_smile: