4A Binds

My 4A binds are not working. When I try to do a bind, the string doesn’t stick in the gap, and the yoyo slides right off. What can I do to get the yoyo to return, so I don’t have to constantly hand wind it up.

What yoyo are you using? Try having the yoyo higher up the string so that you are throwing more string into the gap.

Try wrapping the string around once then do the bind.

Im using an Atmosphere.
Wrapping the string around once works, but is there an easier way?

I would definitely suggest getting a real offstring yo-yo. The Atmosphere has a huge gap and is not practical at all for 4a. I would recommend the Bigyo from Yoyojam (my favorite offstring). Or maybe wait for the Fiesta to release.

I am just testing out 4A to see if I want to get into it.

You’ll probably like it more if you can actually bind it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know his name, but there is a guy (along with others) that always wrap around once.

My Hayabusa sl is REALLY unresponsive so I use double binds, but on the atmosphere you may need a triple bind :wink: And putting some thick lube in your bearing would help too.

It might be just me, but I think part of the fun is using an actual offstring yoyo to play. It feels right. If you really want to get a feel for it, I suggest either getting an offstring yo-yo from the site or buying one of Josh(Jayyo)'s dyed Aquarius. That where i got my first off string throw and I haven’t done any other style since I got it. It’s really addicting. But if you are persistent about using the Atmosphere, then, like baileyt suggested, put some thick lube in the bearing and get used to double binding.

Ok, thanks. Ill try and get one of those