4A - can't throw, the yoyo keeps coming back

Hi, this is driving me crazy, so I wind up the yoyo and almost EVERY TIME, it comes back to my hand without going off the string

I’m using a duncan flying panda (for now at least), I even removed a response pad, didn’t change anything, tried different strings, didn’t change anything

what am I doing wrong ?

you can make any offstring yoyo come back by the way you throw it out. Hard to expain. Focus on not pulling back until the yoyo is at the very end of the string.

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can you throw it like a regular yoyo and it will come of the string?
how long have you had your panda? was it like this as soon as you got it, or it just started acting like this?

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Try throwing the yoyo harder.

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it’s been a couple days. actually I kinda “pull” the yoyo too early which probably makes it come back, I’ve practiced more today and I got a few good throws but it’s really hard to find the good timing.

thanks for the help and advice tho

try taking out both pads, and putting in thin spacers. Thats how the hayabusa is used most of the time.

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I got the spacers but even with both pads in, I have a hard time binding it

anyway, I was shopping for new throws and I found what was probably the last kamui available in an online store, so I ordered it. there will be no way I could blame it on the throw then ;D ;D ;D

that said, I’m starting to get it, slowly but surely, hopefully I’ll be able to do proper throws by the weekend thanks to your advices ^^

with my aquarius, sometimes it does that, and it’s just that the gap is too small. I dunno how the flying panda is though. assuming it’s like other duncans, it uses spacers for the gap size?

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heres a vid i made a while ago. not sure if it helps

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i had the same problem with my semi-snaggy griffin wing.your probly just jerking the string too hard when you throw, as offstrings are responsive, your doing an action akin to jerking a responsive 1a yoyo when it’s half way down the string.

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very helpful vid, I’ll try that tomorrow; it’s getting better but not nearly there, maybe 30% so far, but I think with the tip in the vid, I can make it happen

it could be either the gap is to small or the string is to thick