offstring help

(system) #1

i just started offstring and a lot of times the string will get caught on the yoyo and sometimes when i land the yoyo on the string it comes back to my hand thx for the help btw i have a aquarius


yeah the gap on the aquarius is extremely tight, even tho it is not supposed to have an adjustable gap the gap is slightly adjustable, so just loosen it less than a half turn, like a quarter turn or less and you should be fine, hope this helps

(J. Lev) #3

This is a problem I had when starting offstring as well! First, loosen your gap a little bit.

Second, you’ll notice that this problem occurs when you make a loose return and you have to move the yoyo up and down a few times to get it back to your hand. When it keeps going down and up, the string gets confused, so to speak. When the string is confused and knotted, it won’t make your next throw clean. The best way to solve this is by throwing harder so your returns are strong, and by not letting the yoyo switch direction on a return.