Why does my speeder kill bearings?!?!?!?

I put in a brand spanking new YYJ speed bearing in my speeder, and on like the fifth throw of the new bearing’s life it turned responsive. So, i checked the bearing, and it didn’t spin freely at all. So after that i gave it a VERY good cleaning, and it still is felling like it cutting something when ever i spin it. This isn’t the first time this happend, this has been happening ever sense i first got it!
Also, the bearing seat is very very clean. Do any of you have any Idea why this is happening?
Also, do you think i should e-mail yoyojam about this?

i would definetly e-mail yoyojam

this happened on some of my new yoyos too. i belive yyj got a bad shippment of bearings with defective shields that let things in it. i have tried to email yoyojam and all they say is to clean the bearing. put the bearing near ur ear and listen to it carefully if u hear any sctratching or grinding clean it again and email yoyojam concerning a defective bearing

But see, this has happend to all the bearings i put in it, being YYF, or YYJ and it just kills the bearings, And they never work the same!

Probably the bearing seat is really tight, and it has some dents or scratches in it, so when you put a bearing in, it’s too much for it and kills it. I really don’'t like Yoyojam for a lot of reasons, and this is juts more, wow.

The only thing that can be happening is debris is getting your bearing. There is no way for your speeder to kill a bearing. At all.

But wouldn’t the debris come out when i cleaned it?

Depends. Sometimes it takes a few cleanings and a good blowing out every time.

there could be loose excess plastic in the bearing seat. i’ve seen this on a few yoyojams recently that were returned. just take some tweezers and a small knife and clean out any plastic that looks like it doesn’t belong

Well hello Steven. How is that Dreadnaught? lol Did you ever find another one to do 3a with?

Back to the problem. I have seen that too. Those can be cleaned out and removed from a bearing with air. I totally forgot about that. They are like slivers.