Bearing seat/ bearing issues

So, my Wrath is a bearing EATER. Take my G5 for example. I can run the same bearing for ages, no problems. But my Wrath, I put a ten ball in, ten minutes later, it spits it out, locked up and responsive. Same went for YYE bearings, a trifecta, and even a yyj speed bearing? What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to have to clean or exchange my bearing so often. cleaning hardly helped. Is it my bearing seat? So far, this has happened with all my one drop manufactured throws, some more than others.
Please help.

Thoroughly clean the bearing seat area with a damp cloth. There is probably some kind of residue in that area.

Something is probably stuck in the bearing seat, if you have to, replace the response and string. Also, flip the yoyo half over and tap the bearing seat on a table, it’s possible for some aluminum dust to be stuck in the axle hole. I’m wondering now, how come I’ve never had these kinds of problems before?

I’m just totally amazed at all the problems people seem to have with bearings. In all my years of playing I’ve never had these types of problems and it seems like an epidemic in the last couple of years. What am I, just lucky or what???

I feel exactly the same way. The worst bearing problem I’ve ever had is a year old dry KK dying on me. That’s it.

I have a few bad bearings. They just won’t come back no matter how I clean them. Stuff happens though. I ain’t complaining. Most of us should have extra bearings anyways. One never knows when having an extra bearing might be a good thing.

Never once has a yoyo been a “bearing killer”…

I just find it odd that someone would have an issue with any OneDrop made yoyo doing this. I don’t say this just because I do like One Drop though. It just seems very improbable.

Could also be tolerance. One bearing in a yoyo I bought from someone (who claims not to ever have had bearing issues) in a BST was certainly NOT fine and had to be replaced. The seller probably honestly never noticed, but that bearing was shot. I could have tried mucking around with it I suppose, but I had others lying around. :wink:

I think you might have added too much lube to it that would probably make it be eater. To clean the bearing was it with soap and water and let it dry usually does the trick!

I don’t think it’s a good idea to clean bearings with soap and water… Mineral spirits is a better choice.

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Yeah, and I didn’t put on any lube…Anyways, I did the damp cloth trick. It worked.

Okay, so fast forward a bit. Having troubles again. I just cleaned all my bearings again, and this time, after the mineral spirits, I paper cleaned the bearings also. I popped a standard 8-ball in my wrath, dead smooth. Perfect. After about ten minutes, tug responsive and annoying.
Is there some trick I’m missing?! I’m kind of frustrated, I love my wrath.


Did you clean out the bearing area thoroughly? Have you been dropping the yoyo in areas with lots of dust, dirt, or anything else that could get stuck in the bearing? Is the bearing shielded? What pads are you using how old are they?

“Questions. Questions that need answering.”

Yes, I thought I did it very thoroughly. No, no drops or dings, especially in dusty areas. I’m pretty careful. The bearing is deshielded, I kept it that way after taking them off to clean the bearing. I kind of lumped all the shields into a pile and now I’m not sure which shield goes to which yoyo/ bearing.
The pads came with the wrath release, so they’re not old at all.

I’m not sure what kind of response it comes with stock, but you might want to replace it. You might have gotten a janky pad that is giving off some kind of residue that is messing with the bearing.

Also, put those shields back on. As long as the bearing still spins and the shields fit snuggly, it really doesn’t matter if you put a different bearing’s shields on a bearing.

I tried the reshielding and changed out the pads. 1 minute of play. so far, so good. I’ll get back to you after a day of play.