Why does Magic Yoyo Have Such bad rep? I mean really...


Alright everone, im tired of hearing people saying that magic yoyo suck and that they are overpriced. Becaused honestly ive played everything from c3 yoyos to onedrops, and though they often do out preform magic yoyos, they are still great quality yoyos. So can anyone tell me why these guys have such bad rep?!?!

(2Sick Joey) #2

Ignorance! If its made in China its inferior

This isn’t my view but that’s how a lot of people think


i love magic yoyos, but i belive people hate on em due to the low quality parts. also many of the models are based off of other companys yoyos, thus making magic yoyo unoriginal and “bootleg”.


I honestly don’t think they have a “bad rep” around here. I’ve seen very few to no negative comments about them on this forum, and yet many many positive comments and reviews.

Do they have a bad rep elsewhere? Wouldn’t know. But around here they don’t really get slagged.


from my understandin’, they bootleg yo yos and sell them under their brand.

and i will lock this thread as they do not need further exposure considerin’ their unethical business practices.