Why does it seem like...

(Shaneola) #1

My G5 seems to be my smoothest throw. No vibe, ever, under any circumstance. Don’t get me wrong, I love my onedrops and CLYWs but they all have their occasional vibes yet they get all hyped up. Everyone seems to have some inner hate for the G5 and I see them sell on the forum for like $30 and stuff.


You like the G5? That’s a good thing. Other people don’t like it though. They have a different opinion. Everyone has a different opinion. Opinions aren’t facts.


Its a preference thing.

The G5 is an awesome throw anyway.


The 09’ G5 was one of the best throws I have ever own. I think it’s the shape that a lot of people hate. :slight_smile:


The G5 is probably my favorite YYF yoyo.


I think that a lot of the people that hate on the shape probably either haven’t tried it or didn’t approach it with an open mind when they did. I was actually very surprised with how comfortable the shape was, even when I was in an all-curves stage of preferences.


The g5 and supernova are the best yyf metals in my opinion. The G5 is just plain fun to throw and is a great performance yoyo, some people just don’t like it or just don’t take their time with it and at least have patience to try and like it.


I didn’t like the g5. Slim, and it played way different from what I expected. And if I used z-stacks, it spun like half the time it was suppose to


G5 looks like fun to me, but I already have z stacks and an 888, and there are other yoyos I am more interested in, it’s all a preference thing, and as far as the fave thing, 2010 severe is mine


I love my G5. Its fun. Its not that smooth though, I think its because of the z-stacks, and its also the newest version. Hubstacked throws always have a lil vibe in my experience. Though, my 888s are rediculously smooth. The smoothest throw i have EVER tried though is my One drop 54. talk about smoooooth. Your right though, The G5 is way under rated.