G5, 888x, or the new 2012 Superstar?

Seeing as they are different yoyos, both in shape and weight, i was wondering…
I prefer heavier yo-yos, but is the g5 really stable? if so, I’ll get that one, since it costs less. But I feel the need for some opinions, so could y’all help me out? Which one is best for its price? I want one with hubstacks, since I like matador style of play. Thanks!

Supernova is better. But if you really feel the need for hubstacks get a Superstar. The 888x is very unstable in my opinion and I just do not like it at all, least favorite of all the 888’s. The G5 although made to be stable,needs to have a good throw to do so. It is personally one of my least favorite yoyofactory throws. It also has a very awkward shape that is hard to get used to and the z-stacks are insanely loud and annoying. Also keep in mind hubstacks after the first few days wear off,meaning they are just annoying and not fun. Then you have to by nubs because there is only so much to do with hubstacks and they are rather loud.

Thanks! I think I might get the supernova now, so thank you for the advice.

I would agree the hubstacks and zstacks lose there charm really quick and become annoying. Supernova is my favorite YYF and for the price of the 2012’s its a super buy.