why do people say this?


Why do people say there least favorite yoyo is something like the puffin? Even if they dont like it they HAD to have tried a throw that was worse… I got this from a thread named “favorite yoyos!” it asked for you favorite and least favorite, I pit my least favorite was a yomega xodus 2. Many others our that too. Would people seriously rather play a yomega than a CLYW?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Cause they can, and feel like it, so they do.


I think they mean if the yoyo is a “high-end” throw and it doesn’t meet their likings, they say its their least favorite. If that makes sense. If they pay $155 they want a really high quality throw, which the puffin is, but it’s not as good as a chief or something like that for the same price. I think that’s what they mean.


Oh okay, that does make sense.


Why do people make vague topic titles in hopes of luring people in?


There’s a difference between “least favorite” and “lowest performing.” Sometimes a person’s FAVORITE yoyo is not their highest performing.

So obviously someone just flat-out didn’t like the Puffin.

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Dude I love the Puffin, but let the people have their opinions and let you have yours.


All 4 of my Puffins are beloved and the spin times are nothing short of fantastic. Nuff said :wink:


Just because a yoyo is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad, and just because one is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. Last year I talked to Chase Hadden and asked him about the YYR Sleipnir (or some YYR yoyo I can’t remember) and he told me that he just gave it away because he HATED it. He said that he just unscrewed it once and the thing had so much vibe it was hard to play.


I only have the Pekka edition Puffin(1st run), and I agree the spin time on this thing is just amazing, nothing I would ever have to complain about.

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For the record, in regards to OP.
I really like the xodus 2, and actually enjoy its play as a daily throw more than a CLYW throw, not saying I dont like the CLYW stuff, but I enjoy both ^ ^


The Puffin is one of my Favorite yoyos. Anybody that says their Puffin doesn’t spin very well, just does not know how to maintain the yoyo. I have Hundreds of yoyos. I would say the Puffin has been in my top 10 lineup since I got it.

I used to have 2 Chiefs and 2 Puffins. I traded away both Chiefs.

For a smaller diameter yoyo, it sure packs some power.


I had to check my specs as I never really pay close attention unless I need to know something. Normally, I just grab the Puffin and play it.

For a 54.4mm diameter yoyo, it does pack a lot of power, and that’s because it’s 68.8 grams. Sure doesn’t feel it though. Just plays nice and smooth and amazing.


I would say that it probably doesn’t feel like it because it isn’t. Where did you get those specs?

According to YYE store:

Diameter: 53.35 mm / 2.10 inches
Width: 44.50 mm / 1.75 inches
Gap Width: 4.25 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Center Trac Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tires


From YYE when it first came out. I’m not that creative, I just copy them over from the product page.

Oops. Better go update my database!


I personally did play with my dash and maverick more than my puffin. I got the puffin because it was new and a clyw. I liked it but didn’t love it.


Ohhh yeahhh. The rewind store had a notice about that.


The axle shifts when you unscrew it, you have to tune it. Might take awhile, but it’ll work.