Most "hyped" about throws?

I haven’t been throwing that long 3.5 months and I was wondering what were some throws that were like a really big deal and a lot of people wanted?


Anything CLYW is always hyped,…


Peak, Probably the most hyped yoyo of all time. Early Anti-Yo’s were supposedly very hyped in their time (Going $200 resale).

General Yo

The YWET, BPZL, and every Vs. Newton project that was never completed. They all received ridiculous levels of hype for one reason or another, but are now just yoyos among other yoyos.

Hey man… This is going to be a long one, but I’ve felt the need to say this many times (not specifically to you, just in general)

If you want a throw just cuz it’s hype or just cuz you think it might become rare and/or valuable in the future… then you’re not ever going to be really happy about the throws you get. Sure maybe the yoyo you’re interested in buying is really hype, you should only really buy it if YOU really want it.

If you think about it, if you base what yoyo’s you buy off hype… then you’re buying based on other people’s interests (unless they’re going off hype too), instead of what really appeals to you. Therefore, there is a better chance that you won’t really love the throw you buy, you’ll just expect yourself to cuz others “do”… then it’ll end up on the BST a month later. For -$50 less than what you bought it for. :-X

I know there are a lot of people who like to nit-pick people on the internet and be argument specialists, and will dissect this and disprove my next statement buuuut…

Mostly all yoyo’s are pretty darn good now-a-days man. If they make it to the retail level, and pass the prototype and review stage, then they are usually good man.

Yeah sure, maybe the Bape 2 is a fixable string cutter, and maybe rec rev’s strip easily if you’re wreckless, and maybe YYF bearing seats are too tight for your liking, or maybe CLYW’s are too expensive for your wallet, or maybe you think MFD ano looks too crazy for your eyes, or maybe the new 888 isn’t as good as the old ones in your opinion, or maybe this or that yoyo has a slight vibe that annoys you. [There, I got it out of the way… you don’t have to tell me not all yoyo’s are good, even though I’m going to say 95%+ of the ones you see on YYE are]

Guess what, they all still perform. If they were really unfixably terrible with wobble and god awful spin time and all these nightmare stories (that you don’t hear that often) then you would see people being very upset about them on the forum, and it would be well known. Thus, avoidable.

There is no reason to follow the Hype Rift.

The other day I read something on here, idk who said it… but they said Skill over Equipment or something along those lines. As in, skill will always overcome what yoyo you’re using.

Literally, when I play yoyo, I don’t even try to throw down the hardest sleeper. I just like, throw it down comfortably and do some tricks or whatever then do a little bind. If you have skill, you don’t need the best of the best of the best of the best of “The best”.

Sorry for the essay. Hope this helps you figure out what yoyo you want to buy. Go off what looks cool to you; color, shape, specs, brand, material, bearing size, whatever. If you buy what you like, you’ll probably enjoy your throwing sessions more and become more attatched to your yoyo :slight_smile:

Don’t just go buying a Peak cuz they’re “hype”. If you’ll notice a lot of people end up selling them shortly down the road. Think about it man


I think it was the oxy ti that sold out fast enough and had enough people trying to buy it at the same time it crashed the yoyonation servers back when they had a store and that was like $500 yoyo (might have been some other oxy)

Clyw is so hyped up right now its stupid personaly i dont like them just because they are the hot yoyo the prices go up and thats junk theres no reason why any aluminum yoyo should cost more then $125 when they are going to make 15 runs

I remember in November, when I first started getting back into it, everywhere I looked I saw advertisements or people talking about CLYW’s Avalanche.

The Green Titan or probably the Arithma.

I never really got why so many people buy Peaks for such a ugh price anyway ya I get there rarean its a collectors item but you could go a CLYW off YYE and it will most likely be just as good as any Peak out there

A lot of people end up selling them after buying them lol.

I think most of them are going to end up being stripped and re-anodized by Jason Wong eventually. Laf.

Magic yoyo t5


Did you mean this post?  :smiley:

I’m very surprised nobody has said this yet: The Hatrick.

I love the throw, but it got tons and tons of hype. When I first started yoyoing around December of 2011 everybody was talking about their hatrick, taking pictures, etc.

Also CLYW, while they make excellent throws that I thoroughly enjoy, are over hyped and over priced.

…or The End.