Why do my boing e boings fail now?

Ever since I learned ripcord, I couldn’t do any boing e boings. I didn’t switch yoyos or strings. Do I have to relearn it or something?

Whenever I go to a split bottom mount, I always end up doing a ripcord.
And when I DO perform a boing e boing, I always miss the 2nd bounce.

:o I need help please.

wow that is strange. When you start your boing make sure all the string wraps are right on each other and your hands are perfectly straight vertically and horizontally. Let me know if that helps.

can you make a video? i’m having a very difficult time visualizing your problem.

I think he means he is so used to doing ripcord, when he goes to do boing-y-boing, he automatically does ripcord. Maybe try just slowing down

@Big Yoyo
Yes that is my problem.

And my camera has terrible quality. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes thanks. I’ll try it now. :slight_smile:

oh, okay. this has happened to me as well. just go slowly and think hard about what you’re going to do.