Why do most companies only include ONE string with their yo-yos? Beginners are then one knot away from being dead in the water

Particularly for throws that are targeted at beginners, I feel the yo-yo should come with everything the player needs to start the hobby and that means enough string to last them a little while.

I realize that these companies and vendors sell string too and they want those sales, but in the long run creating new throwers is what will benefit those companies the most and therefore they should try to avoid losing people losing because the beginner gets a yoyo, quickly ruins the string, and then just says “to heck with this.”


There’s beginner packages offered that include extra lube, string, and bearings.

I totally get only having one string sold with an individual yoyo. Especially since knots can be untangled :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree with this especially since most places where the beginner is going to buy their first yoyo rarely sells strings. Most people buy their first yoyo on a whim at places such as Walmart or something along those lines.


Very true, and those places rarely sell string by itself.


What’s the downside of including a few more strings? They are super cheap when bought in volume.


No downside at all my man

If I have to make one up on the spot. Including more strings may make impulse purchasers hesitate to buy because they would think, why do I need that many strings do they break easy? Whereas 1 string may give the false impression the string last as long as the YoYo.

Edit: emphasis on this being a made up reason. I am just trying to give an example of the illogical marketing reasons that happens in toys.

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My guess would be “because that’s how it’s always been” and no one thought to do otherwise.

In the 1970s when you bought a cheap wooden or plastic yo-yo it came with one string.

40 years later and people are paying $180 for a yo-yo and it still comes with one string.


That would be very disappointing, the toy market is super competitive, I would expect at least some effort was spent on packaging.

I paid 140 for the ti-vayder and it came with 3 :sunglasses:


Me too lol but you have to admit it’s funny that even then it was something they almost were bragging about.

“Only $140 for this TiTanium yo-yo and here’s the kicker: We are throwing THREE free strings!!!”


When you say like this it does seem kinda silly that you don’t get at least like a 3 pack of something nice with the premium throws. Several have commented on the 3 string bundle that comes with the tiVayder as a nice touch. I send more strings with most of my bst sales than I ever get from retail purchases! :thinking:

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Because is good ol’ market practice. The consumable item is not included so you have to buy it when the necessity arrives.


But in the 1970s there was pretty much always string available to buy as part of the yoyo display. I wonder if the reason you don’t see string very often today is simply a matter of the ability to find anything so easily on the internet. Duncan or Target just figuring they don’t need to take up shelf space with a potentially slow mover.

As to the original question that’s a good point. It would make sense if pricier yoyos came with a couple/few strings.


Yes but they are fancy strings in two weights and custom colors!! Also shout out to Monkeyfinger, they may not include extras but you get a nifty matching custom color vine with the MFD yo-yos!


Some yyf beginner yoyos come with an extra string. Heck some come with a slipknot already made.


People spending large amounts on a yoyo tend to have a preferred string they use. The company may feel it’s a waste to include extras if they aren’t going to be used anyway :man_shrugging:


I, for one, would be totally fine if the more expensive yoyos didn’t come with string at all. I’d just take it out and swap it anyways. I’d rather see beginner yoyos come with more than just one.

Which is great.


Yeah - YoYoFactory has been doing this with their newer packaged models. :blush:


That’s great