Why do dif pads suck

there in my cut i cant even use it the binds are so weak ordering hat pads

why do they suck ???

It is probably you who… never mind, don’t want to get in trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s either that or those pads aren’t meant for the Cut.

~James Reed!

i didn’t know that… well, maybe it’s like jamesforyoyo said, it could just be there not built for the cut. Are you using the backword bind?

no not a bakward bind

if you use a backwords bind i can garentee you they’ll magically start working.

Dif pads are magically awesome. I have a pair in my Trainwreck and they are one of my favorite pads. If you aren’t doing the backspin bind there lies your problem.

Mine don’t seem to suck. I haven’t been doing a lot of binding yet, though.

It depends on personal preferences. Some like 'em some don’t. I for one don’t like 'em…too slippery for my taste >:(. I use flowable for almost all of my yoyos. Even for the new juggernaught, I replaced it with flowable as the dif pads just don’t seem to work out of the tin box (same with my cross bones). As for your cut, you can put flowable in it. I have one too and it works fine as well. And yeah…work on your backwards bind too…it’ll help. ;D ;D ;D