Question about Binding

With over 400 yoyos in my collection, and moer then a few being modern non-responsive. I figured it was time to start learning how to play them, at least somewhat. I can get most to bind return fine, but have a couple that I cannot get to bind. A Dif-e-yo Sportster-f and a Buzz-On Rogue with one pad removed
(way I got it). I am using better modern poly strings. Any ideas? thanks tim

Hey Tim,

The dif probably has dif pads. Some people have problems with the response slipping when using poly strings. You might want to try some 50/50 cotton poly blend strings. Outside of that the type of bind you use is important. Try a Dave bind, I’m sure there is a link somewhere. I’m guessing that will help with the buzzon as well. You could throw another pad in it but…then it wouldn’t be the way you got it.


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Yes, Mr Difeyo recommends slick 6 (50/50) for use w/dif pads. I use slick 8 with good results.

Good tip here.  I have 2 difs in my BST because of the slippy binds.  Even tried new pads.  Might re-consider now.