help with dif-e-yo xbone chip response


Will these work? Any suggestions?


I prefer to stay with stock response, so in this case dif-pads.

You’ll want .555 pads, looks like YYE are out of the “thinner” ones but looking at pics I think the Bone Chip shipped with thick pads anyway.


Dif pads are so slippy. Blech.


^^It’s true, though not with 50/50 string, which is what Frank Difeo recommends using with them.

Another option that used to be popular for folks who wanted to use 100% poly string was to use one Dif pad and one pad with more grippyness.


thats the problem I am having, the dif pads dont give me tight binds or solid spins. I have also tried duncan silicone stickers. They are a little better but still not good. I dont know what other options I have???



Diff pads w/slick 6 string.

Dif-e-yo tips & recommendations

Rubbing the pads down with a cloth to clean them helps as well. A little lighter fluid helps.


IR Pad make nice replacements specifically for Difs.