dif e yo juggernaut .need help

just gettig back into yo yo again after a year . I have a dif e yo juggernaut and he two different types of replace pads and loads of strings wich are mixed up .
Playing around with different types of strig but did have problems in the past and now with binds/respnsiveness and the string curling up on slack tricks .
I am looking at ordering some new strings but do;t know wich would suit this yo yo the best ?

Also anyone know what type of pad replacement method would work best ?


If you like a thin string I’d recommend the Toxic Dragon format.

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I just went through this learning process (with the help of some advice from the YYE help desk and from LarryG.), and here’s what I learned–

Most people find the response on the Juggernaut, as delivered, just way too slippy. (Some say the problem is only when you’re using polyester strings, and that the Dif pads work OK with cotton, but it’s so bad that I’m skeptical of this.) You’ll notice a big improvement if you switch to a softer, silicone-based pad. (The Dif pads that it comes with are hard rubber-based.) The size you’re looking for is a pretty standard “large bearing broad pad.” So pick up something like Crucial’s Ghost pads (now called “Yath pads” at YYE) or Duncan’s large bearing Silicone Stickers. (NOT Duncan SG stickers, they’re “slim” size.) I’m using the Ghost and am pretty happy.

However the Ghost pads sit pretty low in the deep Jugg response grooves, and so maybe you’ll also want to use a slightly thicker string (or at least not a thin one). I happen to be using what sniffy recommended – Toxic Dragon strings because, to me at least, they’re slightly thicker than average. In any event they work pretty well in conjunction with the Ghost pads. The thick version of Kitty strings would probably work too.

Good luck.

Mr Difeo recommends 50/50 string when using dif pads. The Juggernaut has a deep pad recess that is made to work well with silicone, so that’s an option.

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The other option is to put 2 pads in each side to raise them a little higher.

congratulations on gettin’ a dif-e-yo. the world has definitely turned for you :slight_smile:

the juggernaut comes stock w/ one thin .555 dif pad and one thick .555 dif pad. which makes the response flush.

as noted, dif pads work best w/ 50/50 string. however, flowable silicone response is an option - as it is w/ all ‘newer’ dif-e-yos. any .555 silicone/friction pad should work.

you are experiencin’ the dif-ference.



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