Dif pads not working :<


this happened before to me with the DMII pads when I first got it, they were completely unresponsive. It ended up that I hadn’t taken the covers off of the pads and had them in backward… :< The same things happened with these pads, but I can’t find any cover, and only one side is sticky… Am I missing something? They’re COMPLETELY unresponsive… :confused:

I feel silly, but eek.


So do you wan’t the yoyo to be responsive? Dif-pads are known to be pretty slippy. Your best bet would be to just buy some flowable silicone and silicone the yoyo.


No, I’d like it to come back to my hand. I can’t put silicone in my M1 because the groove is too small.

The problem is the pads are totally unresponsive. No bind will make the yoyo come back… It’s like the pads aren’t there…


Does the yoyo think at the end of the string when you throw it? If it does you have a problem, if it doesn’t just practice getting a good consistent bind.


Nah, It’s not my bind. Like I said, it’s as if the pads are not there. When I throw it, it just slips right out. I can’t find an explanation haha.


This is the “thunk” I was talking about, you should just buy some grippier pads like ghost pads.


What kind of string are you using? Dif pads are known not to work well with 100% poly. They work best with slick 6 or 8 (50/50) type string.


Dude knows what he’s talking about. Dif pads and poly string don’t mix well, unless you’re pairing one Dif pad with a different type of pad - personally, I like one Dif with one Kentaro pad. If you don’t have another type of pad to pair it with, you can try looping the string around the bearing a second time and then exaggerating your bind. Depending on how wide the gap is on the yoyo you’re using, that should work until you can get a different pad or some 50/50 string.


So, even when you wind the yo-yo up by hand, the string slips out when you throw?  Or when you wind it by hand, can you pull the string right out of the gap?  If so, that’s the pits.

I would not suggest Dif pads with a DMII.  They are meant for a different response system.  I would suggest to either put silicone in it(the time-consuming route), or use the CBC pads, like the link below (the easier route):

It says “yoyofactory”, but these will fit in the groove the DMII has.  Just pick the “slim” option, and match your choice to the stock “response system” section of this:

Call the number under “Contact” if you have any questions.  The live help is actually helpful.

I would also suggest using the slim bearing, if your yo-yo came with it.  That will make the yo-yo more responsive, and maybe even have it come up with a tug (instead of a bind).

Hope you find the response you are looking for.  It’s a life-long journey to find the “perfect” set-up for you.


(Cinimod105) #10

You might want to replace the response.


Ah whoops, I apparetly forgot to mention these aren’t for a DMII, they’re for an M1.

Yes, it just slips right out. Binding really hard only works part of the time. I’m not sure whats up :confused: I’d put silicone in it, but the groove is flat and shallow, and it doesn’t hold silicone very long, and it’s easy to get it all over the bearing seat. So I ordered some of these dif pads instead but they’re “not working”. I’ll try it with 50/50.


As noted above, the string is the issue. Dif pads and 100% poly don’t play nice together.