Pads for old Anti-Yo's that aren't Dif-Pads?

I have two old Anti-Yo’s: an Business and an Eetsit. I’m looking for new pads for them that aren’t Dif-Pads. I find that Dif Pads wear out very quickly and never give me the tight binds I get from other pads. With my Business, I’ve been using one single General Yo Gen Pad for response, but I don’t think that will work for the Eetsit, which has that string slippage issue. My Eetsit currently has one thick and one thin Dif Pad and there is no string slippage, and I’d like to get some other pads that could work in the same way. Do you know if other pads would work, like broad Ir pads, thin Hat pads, or Duncan pads?

Flowable Silicone? Or any other silicone.

There is no recess on older throws. I would try the thin hat pads.

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Please do research before posting something like this. You are making an assumption, based on newer yoyos, on an older yoyo.


Also, my apologies if I came off harsh. I didn’t mean to, and know the response of many older production yoyos.

Awesome. Do you know if the thick pads are about the same thickness ad a thick Dif-Pad?

After the kids go to bed I will dig in my yoyo toolbox and I will compare. I have every kind of hat and dif pad in there.

Let’s see what we have here…

Chaz Pads- Mighty Flea size, Multi-colored, Glow and Denim (yes, denim pads)
Central Bearing Co silicone pad
General Yo pads

Duncan silicone stickers, nuff said.

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This would be my go to option.

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Thick dif pads are about the same as standard hat pads. Thin hat pads are almost right in between the thick and thin dif pads. Hat pads will probably give you a closer to “new” feeling. I am not sure how the slight difference in size would affect an older throw using the Duncan stickers.

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My fluchs and eetsit always work fine w/dif pads. I’ve never found them to wear appreciably. Otherwise, I’d go for the duncan sili pad (13.7 mm size).

Guess they had to say something…

Please stick to post that are productive to the question

As for the actual question you can look around and find tutorials on making Baz/Chaz pads

If I remember correctly they just use plastidip and work great.

@JHB: I guess I should have been more clear. I find the Dif pads to not wear out (ie lose material over time) but instead give progressively slippery binds with each throw. I had some Dif-pads on my Biz for about a month, and it went from a decent tight response to almost no response, even with very deliberate binds. The Gen Pad currently in the Biz has been in there for almost 2 months now and gives consistently better binds. Therefore, I would rather have something that performs like that. It’s a preference thing, for sure, especially since I like doing a lot of regens and stalls. The Dif-Pads just simply don’t cut it for me.

@sparhawk: Thanks for sending me the links on how to make these pads. I don’t have the supplies myself, but it’s cool to see how they’re made. Once I get a little more $$ though…

Anyways, I took the liberty of copying/pasting the text into pastebin, so everyone else can see how to make them w/o having to go to the other board:

IV’s research into Bax/Chaz Pads

Thanks for everybody’s help on this topic, though. I just got my Eetsit this week and I love it. Sure, it’s an old fashioned (and slightly flawed) design, but it’s a great throw nonetheless. I’ll probably get a pack of Duncan pads, a set of thin Hat Pads, and probably one pair of Ir pads (Duncan Sized) and experiment with them. It’s good to see all the options out there for bringing these old throws back to life  :slight_smile:

For the dif pads, I’ve found that you can revive them manually. By this, I mean take your thumbnail and scratch up the surface of the pad. This will make it grippier until it wears back down. Although this is just a temporary solution, it’ll keep the pads grippy for much longer.

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Yes, rubbing them with a cloth works well also.

Do they sell the DIF .555 pads here?

lemme 3rd the duncan sili pads.