I see these tutorials with people using their difs, but it seems like it takes 5 attempts at bind to get the yoyo up? What is the deal with that. I was looking at a review of an internal termoil too. How is that yoyo? If it takes 100 tries at binds to bring it up i really don’t want one. so if sombody could give me a review to an internal termoil it would be very much appreciated! 8)

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Why it takes so many tries, is the dif pads. Same thing happened with my Juggernaut. Basically, siliconing it is supposed to cure the slippy ness, but i didnt have it long enough to try it. Traded it away pretty soon after i got it.


It’s usually, if not always, some combination of fail binding and people that don’t know how to bind well and worn out response.

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I meant to add worn out. Thanks Apetrunk. Mine were pretty worn down.


Also, if you read the fine print, Frank highly recommends slick 6 string for use w/dif pads. Other types obviously work, but Frank knows what he’s talikng about when it comes to his yoyos. I’ve also use slick 8 w/o problems.

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Slick 6 helped with mine also. But yeah, all work, I guess for me, I liked it with slick 6.


ok thank you everybody. I will give thank you’s to you all