Why can I loop better with a dollar store yo yo?

It’s super light and cheap, but it rocks! Better than my Loop 900.

I found my Grandfather’s yoyo from the 1950’s when I was cleaning out his attic and it plays amazing.

It loops better than any other looping yoyo I’ve ever played with.

Maybe its your preference, you like lighter yoyo for looping.

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Is it a fixed axle? Anyhow, it’s cool. New generations doesn’t always take over the golden oldies. :smiley:

Oh, really… Rushes out to nearest dollar store ;D

What kind of yoyo was it? Picture?

I’ll try to get a pic of it.
It’s super cheap, but lights up! You look at it wrong and it would probably break.
It’s a fixed axle.

the spintastics Technic is to me the greatest looping yoyo ever made…you’ll find them for 6 bucks…

Better as opposed to what? I find a few old dollar store yoyos work fine for looping, though I prefer the more solid feel of something like a sunset.

My Fav looping yoyo is the Duncan Proyo. Usually can find it for around $5. I have a YYF 720 that I’ve never learned to love.

It’s a 1.50 at fry’s electronics now.

Is it one of these? I got them at Wal*Mart for a buck each.

Here’s my baby!!!

‘Made In China’

Thats why it plays better. American products are just more expensive versions of China’s products. Aoda anyone

I live in malaysia so i see alot of ’ Made in China ’ :wink: