Why are we not talking about RSO’s latest drop, The Burger?

Elvin really wrote that like he didn’t make an “illicit” knockoff ti-Canvas lmfaooo

Pot kettle much?


Jordan Blofeld and I go way back, but it’s worth mentioning that we’ve never actually met or had any meaningful interaction for many years.

Let’s rewind to 2018 – remember the whole fiasco involving the Bowl and Jordan? That’s a memory that’s hard to shake. My Reddit post about it got mysteriously taken down by the moderators but I’ve got the entire thread and receipts saved in my Google Drive here:

Fast forward to today, despite his apology about the above fiasco, Jordan still can’t stop throwing shade at RSO releases. Keep in mind, we’ve never crossed paths in person. While I tend to keep a low profile on yo-yo forums, I do read them regularly. Just recently, on October 11, 2023 (check out the screenshot), Jordan mentioned on the Discord forum that the Burger was a Ti Walker knockoff. If you’ve read my Burger writeup, you’ll know that there’s a clear nod to the Ti Walker in the catch zone, but it’s a far cry from being a knockoff compared to Jordan Blofeld’s ****runner. I HAD to put a subtle response in the Burger write up.


Putting all the drama aside, I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who purchased a Burger! Please don’t let my personal feud with Jordan Blofeld impact your enjoyment of the yo-yo!


Thanks to all for appreciating the work done on RSO releases to make it the complete package. There will be fewer releases in 2024 but they will be meaningful ones!


This is one of the titanium ones. I didn’t give out any aluminium prototypes.

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Thanks @lytelvin. My mistake.

You’re within your rights to bring it up but I wanna point out I’ve only said kind things about you and your company since that incident. I took my lumps and if I had a negative thought I kept it to myself. I’m not gonna sling mud. I didn’t ask my friends to do it on my behalf.

Good luck with your release.


Very honestly this (and the whole post) reads super petulant and is kind of a strange thing for the head of a yoyo company to post. Keeping track of the receipts like this and pulling up with them just cause you don’t like the guy is at best odd and at worst a touch obsessive. I had a respect for the RSO brand before reading this but your post puts a bad taste in my mouth.


Threads get deleted and people forget about things, forgive, or don’t know.

The Jordan / Bowl issue was huge, and it significantly impacted RSO, especially when it started out. People are often surprised that we survived it. It has left a scar and I will never forget it.

I’m thankful I kept these, if not people would be thinking based on that single Burger write up that it was a one-sided attack and I was the sole aggressor.

Do a search on Jordan on the forums and his negative comments on RSO is aplenty, up till today.

We go a long way back.

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i’m sorry, but i don’t believe you “had” to do anything here. as someone with a huge part in a very loved business, you should stand above petty drama like this, even if it keeps getting stirred by people who aren’t relevant to the success of your products. as an outsider to this situation, i’m pretty disappointed in the actions from everyone involved, but especially from you.


Throw me in the ‘I don’t care about yoyo drama’ camp. Someone somewhere has gotten upset over every Ti Walker iteration.

I’ll be picking this up so I can 4 different Ti Walkers lol. My only hesitation is if Elvin releases a cooler version with an interesting finish later.

EDIT: 1 of 60 Burgers is now mine


@lytelvin any crack coated versions on the way?

I’ve never seen a company owner do something this immature if their release. And I’ve done some pretty immature things.
Do better please.


Agreed. This is very disappointing to see.


Oh wow, this is a great look for your company!



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RSO is one of the best yoyo companies I’ve had the pleasure of buying from in the last few years. You feel like you get every dollar you put into it back in quality, thoughtfulness, packaging, and responsiveness from Elvin.

Everyone has history and he’s allowed to weigh in as is Jordan.

I like some of Jordan’s throws and designs to the point I put them on my top 5 (Wanker was an amazing throw and should be re-run. FACT.)

I think we can all move forward and weigh your opinions with your wallets. I still support them both and look forward to what comes next.


I don’t know Jordan and I don’t have anything negative to say about him, because he’s never been rude to me.

However, I do communicate with Elvin, and he has always been a standup guy. He has been friendly, generous, and kind to me without ever asking for anything in return. While some people might feel the need to need to weigh in on their relationship, I think that is in bad form. I think Elvin was within his rights to speak up and defend his brand and demonstrate this hypocrisy. I have met people in the community in California who have spoken out against RSO due to these interactions and said some very negative things. They had even tried to convince me that I should not support the brand.

Regardless of this, I wish both of them the best and I just wanted to come out and say I support Elvin and his brand. He makes quality yo-yos and puts a lot of himself into what he does. Hopefully everyone can move past this and we can all go back to bonding over our shared love of aerospace-grade spinning toys.


RSO is the best in class! Haters gonna hate. :sunglasses:


How much did RSO pay you to spam this?


dang, youre right! I should have charged :rofl: