Mmm yummy burger

Who else nabbed one?


Not yet!! One day soon.

I see you have Ti Walker. How close does Ti Vader come to playfeel?

Is the bottom left a TiVader?


Bottom left is the ■■■■ Runner.

Ti Vayder is a near-exact copy of the Walker, but it plays more differently than you’d expect. Its arguably ‘better’ from a pure performance standpoint as it feels as though the machining tolerances are a bit tighter. They should be the same weight bt the Vayder feels a smidge bulkier. Maybe it’s a placebo but I prefer the Walker.


Haha. Funny how precision doesn’t always mean better. Thanks. I can’t wait to try one.

Does Burger pay a nice homage? Can’t wait to play this one too! Ha!

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I vaguely recall reading that the Ti Vayder plays differently from the Ti Walker in part because the gap was widened with the Ti-Vayder to give it a more modern feel.

Just ordered a burger myself, looks like a good recipe to me… I’m quite curious as to why I has been so quietly recieved??


For your reading (dis)pleasure


all i know is I got a piece of burger and i’m very happy with it.

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If this was aluminum/cheaper I’d have bought one. I just don’t have any business buying a TI yoyo.


Holy smokes I guess that sums it up right there!

For the most part, I’d say so. It plays light and quick without trying to be too serious, which I how I’ve always felt the Ti Walker played. Though I was a bit disappointed the naming convention was changed. It’s a very well-made yoyo and the packaging and accessories are superb, with the possible exception of the ‘burger box’ which I can’t seem to meaningfully assemble; but I have to say I am NOT a fan of the lettuce/tomato weight rings. For two main reasons; without them, there is a fairly sharp lip on the rim and it affects comfort - this is a personal grip of mine, for similar reasons I didn’t like the YYR Acrophobia. I’ve also never been a fan of ‘add-ons’, whether it be weight rings or hubstacks. IMO it makes it feel gimmicky.

If nothing else, I can tell people I paid an outrageous amount for a Burger.


The box has stickers in all the small corner flaps, took me a while to figure that out. The little flaps get stuck inside. I’ll take a photo of the inside of mine tomorrow. Honestly at first I was annoyed it was “some assembly required”, but then I realized the box likely would have been damaged in shipping

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I dont like the rings, but only because the take away the ting lol. The lettuce rings play real nice though. I don’t mind the rim so much, it doesn’t hit me weirdly when I catch

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Both sets of the Layer Infinity rings fit way too loose and fall out. They are measuring about a 1mm smaller than the inset that they are supposed to fit in. Anyone else that has a Burger experiencing that? Little disappointed I can’t try them out.


Seems kind of contradictory to me to buy a titanium and use 3D printed rings, the whole point should be achieving extreme weight distributions.

Tasty “Moldy” Burger

Or just a burger with lettuce…:wink:



Thats a major bummer, both of mine fit nice and snug

Have you tried contacting Elvin about this problem? Both tomato and lettuce for mine fit perfectly.

I will contact Elvin for you.

Very rare problem, no doubt, since Elvin tests out all his product before shipping. He is a real stickler for precision in all aspects.


I have contacted him and sent a video of my experience.

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Video quality is lacking for some reason.