why are ther no team members on the forums???


i know brandon jackson is on here along with a couple of other duncan team members but what about YYF and YYJ i want grant johnson or somebody to be on here >:(


Yeah! Well, hey, at least we have Andre here, right! He’s awesome!


yah but he really doesnt put his thoughts on any of our threads…


John narum, Augi fash and Jeff coons are on here


I know, but, think of him as god. He watches over us every day. So Andre, probably gos through the forums and looks at all the posts and the responses people give. Thats how he gets Forum eXperts.


Good one ;D how often are john and those guys on?


Hardly ever. :’( I allmost never see them on here.


The “john N.” wasn’t john narum, it was a fake.


Keep in mind, even the yoyo pros have lives. Not all of them have time to log on to forums every day, I can imagine that most of them are quite busy. In fact some even avoid forums.

On top of that, let’s face it, YYE isn’t exactly (But should be) the most popular yoyo forum. So if they do post on forums, they probably post elsewhere.

Let’s look on the bright side though, we have a few pros that post on occasion: André, Augie, Brad, Zach, and Tyler even posted once. When it comes down to it, pros are people like us too. Even though we aren’t all pros, we all provide company for each other and make our times here worthwhile. :slight_smile:


This site should be! The only thing standing in its way is YoYoNation. Grrrrrrrrrr! This site WILL be #1 someday.


The john.N was fake??? Did you ask John himself if that was him?

(Mark) #12

We will bring YYE to the most used yoyo forums in the entire Galactic Federation!


What the heck?!? That was nerdish… :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.


Haha yep.




I PMed Andre and asked him, its a fake.


Augie isn’t even on anymore. He just made that Hi Friends thread and disappeared.

ANother SPin on Things: John Higby made an Account on here too but never came on. Augie, well I’m not sure whether it’s really him but he talked like him.


And now Eric koloski is on here. (dut i don’t really think it’s him) I think it was really Augie becuase he was talking to to sumna(i think it was him) about when he saw him at a contest.


too bad, they’ll join if they want


Just because you register, you don’t have to be active on the forums. Augie will post when he feels like it, or he finds something worthwhile to post in.