Hi friends


I’m new here.

Nice to meet ya’ll! :slight_smile:


Greetings Augie, glad to have you!

im assuming you are Augie Fash right? or just named yourself after him?


Last time I checked I was Augie Fash.
But I’ve been known to be wrong before… :wink:


k just wanted to check =P

i met you nats just FYI =P if you remember me my names Freedom.

and again welcome to yoyoexpert! good to see you here =)

(VincentD) #5

Hi Augie! I also met you, at the zoo with Boyd and David. I was the really shy kid with the giant case.


cool,another pro on the forums


Of course I remember you. I thought your name as super cool; it definitely stood out. =)

We put your name in the credits man! I will try to remember to bring your free copy to BAC. :slight_smile:

(Chris Allen) #8

Bout time you showed up Augie!

Just so you guys know, Augie is the kindest and easy to talk to guy in the business. He also knows the secret location of Blackbeards Gold.

(Jeromy K.) #9

You probably hear this alot But you are one of my favorite players. The reason is that you always look like you are having fun and I dig that the most.


Hi Augie! lol lots of pros are joining, i wonder when mickey will join ::slight_smile:


the man!
my heroe!!!
nice to see you here.

(Ryan) #12

yay!Nice to meet you Augie.Man so many pros are going to yye lol ;D ;D ;D ;D

(WhyLovedEda?) #13


Augie is here!


(Connor) #14

Hello Augie, its nice to meet you.

(WhyLovedEda?) #15

love your combo whips in Worlds '08…

i wish also hiroyuki suzuki my idol will also make a YYE account ;D


Hi, Augie. I’m glad to see you here.
PS: This is the best forum on the internet.

(Frank W.) #17

Same here Augie! Your one of the funniest people to watch, you always look like your having fun (which is what yoyoing is about)! Welcome welcome to YYE.


dude u r awsome, i love your 2005 worlds freastyle it is so cool. you rock!


this forum will be great with even more experts!!!


heheehehheheheehehehe!! It’s Augie!!!