Another Great Community Experience


Our hobby is so great. I had a fantastic chance-encounter with Augie Fash this weekend at Disneyland.

While waiting for my kids on the various rides at Disneyland I’d find the quietest spot(s) I could near the ride-exits and practice about 7-8 different tricks, just trying to make them faster and smoother. (lots of interested people will stop and talk with you, requests for walk the dog, ect. (LOL))

Anyway, a guy comes up to me and starts to ask what kind of Yoyo I’m using, I recognize him immediately as Augie Fash. His C3yoyodesign SHREDDING video is one of my all time favorites.

Augie is a hell of a nice guy, and was as cool as could be. (He was really down to earth.)
He was kind enough to show me a series of tricks, and BOY is he awesome. He was tearing it up.

Anyway, what a fantastic experience. It’s entirely consistent with other Yoyo-ers I’ve happened to meet.

Great hobby. GREAT people. GREAT community!


Augie is an amazing ambassador for yoyo. I met him at NER last year, and, he made my son and I feel like he was excited to meet us! An absolute class act and gentleman.

You are correct, the yoyo community is one of the most amazing and welcoming communities I have ever experienced.


Well said French! I agree with you on all points.

Augie asked me if he could get a picture with me. (LOL) I suppressed the obvious question… Umm, why?
I met Gentry Stein last year, and he did the same thing.

Mind you, I enjoy throwing for what it is regardless. But positive interaction of the community forum, and meeting cool players at contests (and elsewhere) that are so welcoming to a < 1 year yoyo guy like me really reinvigorates me.


Great story.

The yoyo community to me is the definition of a small, but vibrant community.


Augie is awesome, a great ambassador for our little community.