Why are new response pads clear now?

So I’ve been ordering a lot of yo-yos lately and most of them have clear response pads ?? I remember years ago there was no clear response pad. so I was wondering if this is a new kind of stock pad they are putting in the yo-yos now ???


It seems to me many companies are ordering specific colors. There must be a manufacturer that uses coloring in a clear base. Probably nothing to look much into

Who? Where? On YYE I could only find like one brand (C3 JP pads) that were clear. I had also got some iLinx Mouse Pads that I really liked but they’re out of stock now. More clear pads please!

Response pads are typically silicone, which can come in a variety of colors, or no color (clear).


It seems like the color of the pad can change the “grip” of it as well. Check out all the colors of YYF pads.

It usually depends on the shop the yoyo is machined at. I think the light blue ones are going to be the best that are available atm for grippiness


Thank you all for your answers I was wondering why they are clear and honestly I prefer light blue pads myself because they are very grippy and over all play great. And recently I got a Yoyofriends yo-yo and don’t get me wrong the yo-yos great :smiley: but the response was very slippery and I could barely use my kitty normal on it to bind but I might just change the response pads and problem solved :grin: we’ll find out

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I had this same issue with my Koi and it’s clear pads. They just took a few weeks to break in and I also switched to a Flat Bearing to get better responses with Kitty Regulars.

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Pad manufacturers are able to adjust the grip level of pads by adjusting the hardness of the silicone. When a brand has a variety of grippiness levels, they color them differently to make it easier for the consumer to know which is which (YYE pads are perhaps the best example of this). But it isn’t as though a particular color always has a particular grip level. One manufacturer’s red pad could be very hard/slippy while another manufacturer’s red pad could be very soft/grippy. And “clear” is just silicone without any dye mixed in; being colorless doesn’t necessarily imply a particular grip level.

Ultimately, you can’t really know how a pad will feel (to you) until you try it for yourself.


Onedrop also uses clear pads…

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The real answer is the majority of manufacturers now a days have their yo-yos machined in China through the same machine shops, which usually use the stock frosted clear response pads. One Drop is the exception, they’ve been using clear pads for practically forever.

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