What’s the difference between the colors of response pads

I have red response pads on my Yoyo I know there are different color response pads but I don’t know what the difference is because I don’t know if I would like different ones

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From YYE on YYF pads:

White Pads:
The standard YoYoFactory response pad. White pads come in almost all of our yo-yos when they are brand new because these are the best all-around pads. Whether you use them in preparation for a contest, for a high intensity freestyle, or for just hanging out and throwing, the white pad will play to your standard. Good for all styles of play.

The Competition Pad. Red response pads break in very quickly, reach an ideal sweet spot, and then wear out quicker than any other pad. This combination makes them perfect for freestyle competition play, in which you can break them in within minutes and walk on stage ready to go!

Pink & Yellow:
The Consistent Pads. These pads are reliable in how consistent it plays as it wears down. Unlike many of the other pads that have a sweet spot once they are broken in, the pink and yellow pads are as good when you first swap them into the yo-yo as they are just before they’re worn down to the core.

Teal & Blue:
The Grippy Pads. These pads have a little longer break in period, meaning that they retain that new pad feel for much longer than most other pads. Once broken in, blue and teal pads hold a Medium Response while still holding an overall grippy feel.

The Marathon Pad. The Natural color pads are intended to be the longest lasting pad that we make. Surprisingly they also require very little break in time, no maintenance. Best used in the yo-yo that you take with you wherever you go.

The Green pads are the extra-thick responsive pads, replacement for the responsive versions of the ONE/Dv888/Hubstack/Replay. These sit above the normal pad area in any large/slim padded Yo-Yo to make the string grab much easier.


Do I just need to replace my pads because my Yoyo has been snagging a lot lately I’ve lubed and cleaned it multiple times is that why

Pads tend to last quite a while (or, maybe I just play my pads until they no longer bind well). My understanding is if your binds are routinely slipping, changing pads may be in order, but, I wouldn’t immediately jump to changing pads if I was having snagging.

When you lube the bearing, are you using a very small amount of lube, just a pin drop? Too much lube and the yoyo can be pretty responsive.

I use one or two drops of Lube and I have an nsk platinum bearing it had just started to snag a lot recently it didn’t snag like this before

It all depends on the brand tbh. Different colors mean different things depending on manufacturer. It’s just varying degrees of softness and grip. And one or two drops is a lot. Usually you only want as much as can fit on the tip of a needle.

So you probably over lubed it. You can clean it to get the lube out then add less this time.

And pads don’t get more responsive over time, it’s the opposite so unless they are protruding out into the gap it’s not them.

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I have a Duncan orbital gtx I have cleaned it after I’ve lube it and used less lube


I usually decide to change response pads when the yoyo will not come back to my hand when I bind.

The pads you had in there originally come from Duncan’s site. They just started carrying them recently.
To echo what others have said- it sounds like you over lubes, I’ve done it several times as I’m still learning about maintenance. Sometimes the hard way.
I learned the other day that it’s really important to get the C-clip in the right direction too.