Recommended 19mm Response Pad

As above. The MYY ones are slippery in my experience. What are considered the best colored YYF?
Long lasting is key…

The descriptions are a bit confusing, but there is also the variable of the yo-yo used.

Anyway thanks.

ps There’s not all that many readily good options for pads imo. I do silicone, but sometimes it’s sort of a pain for 1 yoyo.

Long lasting and grippy are usually going to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Longer lasting pads are going to be more slippy because they’re harder, that’s why they last longer. More grippy pads are usually softer so they won’t last as long.

I would recommend grabbing a YYF variety pack to try out the different colors and see which you prefer.


I would recommend this as well! I don’t find the difference to be too much for them (though they are obviously different), so I always buy the 6 pack since it’s cheaper per set.

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Just like (racing) tires!