why are clyw yoyos so exspensive


I mean, im a huge fan of clwy. don’t get me wrong, but they’re so expensive. I have they’re t-shirts and I really want one but the most ill go up to is 100 for a yoyo right now


Maybe you should try to buy one from the BST.

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Because there really good(Scratch that) There Amazing!!

and there super high quality. Each one is hand tested. and stuff like that.


If you don’t want to spend over $100 then don’t. You can always find them less than $100 on the BST if you’re really curious.


Nobody said that you must buy CLYW if you don’t like spending the money


Expensive is relative. Compared to other things I can and do spend money on I think they’re pretty inexpensive.


Because they charge what people will pay for them.


They realized they could charge more, so they did. They’re overpriced IMO, they don’t have any features to justify the price.

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Just in case you’re interested: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-There,-Their-and-They’re :wink:

Complaining about prices does nothing to lower prices. If the prices were too high they wouldn’t be able to sell their product. Just saying if you find these yoyos high priced, others must not. As long as the product sells, expect similar or higher prices.


Off the top, in a zone:

When it comes to CLYW, if you really want it,
The brand is cool, but you will spend over a hundred.
It’s not something essential, like clothes and food,
But, you can get what you’re into, just buy one used.
If you pay attention to all the new ones sold,
Watch out for a mention they’re selling the Fool’s Gold.
If many of them are too expensive at that price,
There are plenty of other throws cheaper that play nice.



Because they can, people buy them fast and they never have a big over stock left.


There should be a sticky about homonyms.


Simple business strategy

Demand is High because they play fantastic, have great anos, and is just a company I feel good supporting because they give a lot to the community.

Supply is low because they make small batches and small amounts of some of the most popular ano.

Clasic supply and demand, demand is high, supply is low, people will pay whatever they have to get one so they are quite expensive.


They somehow got into everyone’s hands while still being seen as “rare”.

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Because small batch manufacturing is crazy expensive, and it’s currently Caribou Chris’s only job (Unless I missed something is the last few months). Therefore, he has to add more markup in order to keep a roof over his head and food on the table.


Because of their crazy popularity. Every time a new model comes out, they sell out ultra fast. People will keep buying them at those big prices…


Chris took on another job, but he’ll still be making yoyos. New runs of Yoyos won’t roll around as frequently as they did when it was his only job.

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This again?


Yeah, the marketing is genius, make small runs of yoyos that hardly differ from previous models and collectors will want them all and despite having hundred of chiefs getting produced, people will always feel like they have a rare one when it was one of the only lets say 68.5 g, 7075 hulk smash chief and only 10 of them were made. It feels unique and has exclusivity. Its like why people differentiate between OG avalanche and Comeback avalanche. There not very different but It is interesting how people will freak out over the little things. People feel like for example a 28s comback avalanche is rare but just because it has a slightly different shape and name, it isn’t very unique compared to a 28c OG avalanche.

Side note, I completely made these examples up so if these colorways throws combination do not exist I apologize.


1:overhead(machine shop costs)
2:many shipping paths : Onedrop or Canada shop out to various anno artists then back to Canada then to whatever store they are sold at
3:Professional anno jobs are difficult so the artists are paid well and there are many rejects (yoyos tested after the ano is done)