What causes the different prices between CLYW's?


Something just hit me. And no, it wasn’t a yoyo. It was this: CLYW’s can range from $125 (Avalanche) to $165 (Chief at highest price), but all their throws seem to be the same except for shape and size. Note that I am not counting the $115 Summit, because OD took part in it. Why is this? I mean, aren’t they all dead smooth and play about the same? Also note that I have never tried a non-FG CLYW yoyo.


It depends on the different colors of anodization (1,2,3,4) And whether or not it has CLYW’s weight rings which are best known on the Chief.


Player editions are also more expensive.


This isn’t true, that would depend on the number of anodization colors and not the player.

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To be honest they overcharge. The types of ano they do cost no more then $14 dollars a yoyo (and that’s talking about colorways like bipbop) companies who inflate prices for ano are just ripping people off. Also the double rim design doesn’t add any real price increase besides the fact that they use it as an excuse to charge more money. Everyone is just brainwashed into thinking this. Player editions shouldn’t cost more but if they do slightly it’s too cover royalties and such.

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People seem to think ano cost so much more for having an extra color or two. The differences are like $1 per color more. Don’t be fooled my yoyo friends.


they do, I agree with this
It depends on the different colors of anodization (1,2,3,4) And whether or not it has CLYW’s weight rings which are best known on the Chief.”

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You should agree with everything I said be uses its true. Most of they’re colorways cost like $12 a yoyo to have most those cool acid wash with splash so they add all that money because? The answer is because they are a overhyped, overrated, overcharging company that too many people are brainwashed by and think they have valid excuses to overcharge everyone. It’s the community as awhile who feeds the greed done by CLYW.

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Greed by CLYW? They’re running a business, dude. They raised their prices because they didn’t want people to have the ability to make money off their work.

Would you sell yoyos for $90 to see them get scalped off at double the price the day after they drop? No. You wouldn’t.


When it comes to CLYW; the price is what the market will bear.
That is why CLYW is so successful. Chris’s marketing ability is trumped only by his mad yoyo design skills.


Does your sponsor know you’re out here calling other companies greedy and saying they brainwash kids, Joey? I sure hope so.

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No one said anything about him selling his yoyos for $90. That day will never happen. So because people on the used market make money off your yoyos your entitled to charge $35+ just because you feel your entitled to? Of course you would think so but I would highly disagree. The way yoyos sell after they are bought from retail shouldnt determine what you sell you yoyos at. So if they started making peaks agian, Should they sell them for $400? Because that’s what they go for on the market today it seems (For no reason) so if your theory is reality, then that’s fair? Yes they are running a business and they deserve to make money but they inflated their prices so much that I lost a lot of respect for that company.

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Many companies are greedy in the world…it’s life. Business world is about making money and CLYW does it probably the best out there (While i diesagree with how its done, they are at the top of the totem pole). I am an individual and I am entitled to my opinion, am I not? Many things have brainwashed kids: McDonalds, Video Games, Drugs…Again that’s life. People are naive sometimes and don’t actually know the truth behind things and i’m the person to let them know. Everyone believes these lies that they are entitled to charge more just because they put an extra color when this is completely false. I stand for what I believe and if not BSing the community is one of them then I guess I’m a bad guy.


“People are naive sometimes and don’t actually know the truth behind things and i’m the person to let them know”

Hahaha. Yeah, because you’re the one with the unarguable truth, dude.


Yomagic, while I do agree with some of your opinions, look at it from Chris’s point of view. He used to sell Peaks for $80. I’d be pretty annoyed to if I made and sold a yoyo for a fair price, but then I see others snatching up the yoyo from retailers, then marking the price up $30, and it would annoy me EVEN more if PEOPLE were actually willing to buy it! I’d mark up the prices on my yoyo then. Oh yea, the anodize not affecting price rates? Why is Deadly Spins selling their pink and black speckled Wrath for $15 more than their solid gold Wrath and turquoise Wrath? And the greedy part? Here’s a quote from Chris


And the day when CLYW sells a yoyo at $90 already did come, dude. Peak and BVM were both around that price point originally.

You honestly believe that it was perfectly fine for all the BVM releases to be at around $100, then the day after they drop they hit the BST for twice that price? You’re the greedy one if you really do think that way.
Just because you can’t afford or don’t want to spend that much money on something, doesn’t mean it’s overpriced and they’re out to manipulate and steal all your money.


We’ll see what the company you’re with is doing in six years if they make it.


None of its very expensive. Of course part of it is making money. That’s the way life works.


I bought a Royal Bison BVM from chris for 125, and then turned around and sold it in the BST at another forum for 300+. If you don’t like prices, then don’t buy them. Chris can charge whatever he wants for his yoyos.


Also, the retailer from which the yoyo is purchased has a big part in deciding the price.