I’ve got a couple questions. What makes a CLYW so much more expensive than other throws? I am thinking of getting one, because I don’t have one, eventually, and I was wondering what one you guys would suggest. I really like Zach Gormley, and would like to learn his style. So, I was thinking of getting a arctic circle or a bvm2. What do you guys think?

They got tired of selling their throws for $115, only to have them scalped on the bst (Peak) so they raised the price, so starting with he chief they sold new yoyos for $135+. The hype for the chief was so huge nobody cared and the first three runs sold out instantly (I was able to grab a grey one).

CLYW’s are expensive because people are willing to pay that much for them. They are, in my opinion, the most hyped yoyo brand there is. I would choose a BvM2.

What are your preferences? I like the Arctic Circle more but that’s just my opinion.

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They are that price because they are high-quality yoyos and it’s what the market will support.

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Hype! (quote from mctron cuz he was too lazy to type it) They live up to their hype though.

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There are many things that make CLYW a little higher.
First, there is the cost.

CLYW does not run their own CNC machines.
Shipping is not cheap. Especially where there are steps to sending yoyo’s from Canada to US, then back.
It is a one-man operation and production is not as quick as it can be. Especially since he is now a full-time dad.
History is very deep with the company and I think people respect how far they’ve come.
They market their items very well; IMO it defines some of the “artistic” side of this industry.

The demand may slow or pick-up, it really depends on those that want it.
I know the gist of how much these yoyo’s cost, as I’ve dealt and worked with Chris for a short period of time.

Yes, they are a little expensive. But I’ve never been let down by Chris. (although his replies seem less… responsive; damn fatherhood!)
I like the person behind the company.
He also does a lot for his players.

and hype, as others have said.
Unfortunately, as a one-man production line, the demand goes beyond what they can produce at a time.