Any of you Doctor Who fans here?
and please keep all of your doctor who stuff in this thread i dont want to end up like the bronies.
Thanks Keep Calm and DFTBA

From timelord awesome (or thats my hopeful title)

I’m a fan. Watched all of the Netflix episodes over the Summer with a friend of mine. The season premier was really good for this season.

I still miss David Tennant.

Those times are over. Smith is fantastic.

I’m aware, that’s why I said “I miss David Tennant.” not “Man I’m really glad David Tennant is still the Doctor.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I really enjoy Matt Smith, I just liked Tennant more.

Matt Smith is easily my favorite Doctor. He is the epitome of the Doctor. Childish, hilarious. I just love him.

Sadly I’ve seen very few episodes of Doctor Who. I was told to start from the ground up at season 1 by my major Whovian friend so that’s what I’m doin’!

come on guys only 4 whovians on the entire yye thread



Have you seen the new episode?

i saw the first episode of the new series but if there is a new episode i have to go check my dvr

There is! Dinosaurs on a spaceship.

Christopher Eccleston didn’t interest me until I had already gotten into Doctor Who. My advice would be to start with season 2 or season… 6? Either the first episode with David Tennant or the first one with Matt Smith.

Unless of course you’re enjoying Eccleston already, in which case huzzahs are in order.

You are not my friend.

Christopher Eccleston was a great doctor. Sure, I wouldn’t rate him as highly as David Tennant or Matt Smith, (my personal favourite), but his character was so ‘different’ and I feel more modern than the other two.

i didnt really like eccleston either i dont know why but he just didnt feel right in my opinion

i hope at some point in the new season i hope someone says “yolo tell that to the doctor”

That doesn’t bother me.

I’ll miss you.

DINOSAURS??? ;D I need to see this episode.
I like both Tennant and Smith. Christopher Eccleston isn’t bad, but he doesn’t have the same charm that the other two do.

He was definitely a great Doctor. I just couldn’t enjoy him until I was into Doctor Who. I feel that Tennant and Smith are more newbie friendly than Eccleston I suppose.

Eccleston is playing a villain in the new Thor movie, I’m pretty psyched about that.