Favorite TV shows

Hey guys! So I was bored, and decided to make this thread! You can most likely tell from the title, but this thread is about everyones favorite TV shows! I’m sure we all have more than one, so name the most notable ones!
Some of mine are:
Top Gear U.K. If I had to choose an overall favorite, I’d choose this. Although I do indeed hate the American version with a passion.
The Voice UK(Even though I don’t live in the UK)
The Voice America
The Mentalist

So tell me, what are your favorite TV shows? I sure do have a lot more I could name but I’ll stick to these for now :wink:

Doctor who and Sherlock

-Nuff’ said

Oh I forgot sherlock! Just finished the 3rd season on hulu yesterday!(Assuming we’re taking about the same sherlock)

Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad and Homeland

Firefly and Doctor Who, simple as that.

Whenever they were still on, Chuck and Burn Notice. But also Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Elementary.

Samurai Champloo, FLCL, QI, Arrested Development

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I thought sherlock’s season 3 was being filmed? Lolzeez. Do you mean the BBC one? With the bad guy in star treks into darkness?

I do indeed mean that one yes.
Edit: Omg I’m retarded. I just realized I got the episodes and the seasons mixed up. I meant second season, cuz there are 3 ep. in each season lol

Only 3? That kinda sucks…

But they’re pretty long… oh, and… THE BEST EPISODES OF ALL TIME :smiley:

an hour and a half each. In other tv shows, that’s like 9 episodes each series lol


Castle and ledgend of korra/ avatar the last airbender and sometimes the

Oh okay I thought you were gonna say something like that.