Who watches Sherlock? As in the BBC show featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. This is honestly my favorite show ever. I love Doctor Who and many others but for some reason many just can’t compare to this. If you haven’t seen this show I highly recommend it. Both of the seasons are on Netflix and they are working on the new season now.


SHERLOCK IS AWESOME! I love it! I don’t know why I didn’t l think to make this thread! I finished it a while ago, but still tell people they need to check it out. Also if you don’t have Netflix you can watch it for free You’re right about it comparing to dr who. But they’re about level in my awesome-o-meter. Sherlocks indescribably awesome, but dr who has seasons, awesome, and it’s length(as in, it started in the 50’s or 60’s)

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I love the Sherlock Holmes stories. Are they modernized for the show?


Well we Americans made a version, but it’s ‘eh’. But the one by BBC is AWESOME!(BBC is the British Broadcasting Network in case you didn’t know)


Kind of. There is the Holmes v. Moriarty aspect. The show is separated into 2 seasons consisting of 3 88 minute long episodes. It is a very intriguing show especially when you start to see Holmes’ thought process.


My brother watches sherlock, doctor who, super hero stuff, video games, etc.

I prefer sticking to outdoors and yoyos.


I can’t wait till the next season of Sherlock comes on netflix. That show is so awesome.


Love Sherlock.


So guys what was y’all’s favorite episode?


All, but the one with the lady… That was awful.


I’ve seen whats on netflix. Shocking stuff at the end there!


Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new Star Trek Into The Darkness, and love DR.Who


Hounds of baskerville

I can’t wait to see/hear Benedict in the hobbit trilogy.